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Cathy Hopkins
Cathy Hopkins


Love is without judgment – it does not speak from the natural knowing.
As we minister, we cannot judge what we see in the natural, there is no love in judgment. Are we willing to see what God sees and set aside our natural thoughts and judgments to then allow what God sees to come forth?

For example, someone comes  for prayer who is overweight. They want prayer for the pain in their knees. In the natural, we know extra weight stresses many parts of the body, but we know nothing about why this is in their life. We have to stand in agreement with them for what God wants to come forth in their body and in their lives.

We are praying for the strategy of God, the key to unlock the bonds the enemy has put on people. We want the key that opens the door to their freedom.
We speak of pulling up roots, pulling out/off things of the enemy, things that don’t belong to folks, fear that keeps them in bondage, trauma that destroys.

This past week I have heard the words again from a word the Lord gave me 1 ½ years ago as I prayed in the Spirit one night when He woke me up.

“Original Design and Purpose -
Break up the Fallow ground of hearts that they can now receive the rain of My Spirit and much fruit is produced.”

In my mind I saw a hard, unproductive ground with big weeds coming up, the kind that when it rains, the water tends to run off more than it soaks in. What I thought and what I saw was a plow breaking up that hard ground. But Holy Spirit whispered to me, “My ways are not your ways, My thoughts are not your thoughts.”

Suddenly I saw rain, the slow steady sweet kind of rain… the days and days kind that just greens up everything almost immediately.  And I was reminded that when you need to pull weeds, the easiest time is right after a rain, when the ground is loose. They come up with little effort and much less work. The hole that is left is easily filled by the loose ground around where the root of that weed had once been.

Where was my focus on how to break up the unproductive ground? Mine was a plow, hard painful work for all, and I personally wouldn’t want to water the hard ground with weeds until I broke it up. After all, the weeds will just grow!  BUT He isn’t worried about the weeds. He’s concerned with the ground, the ground of our hearts.

He has brought Isaiah 30:20-21 to me recently as well.
The footnote from the Passion for vs. 20 states that the word used for Teacher is a homonym for rain. When God teaches our hearts, it is like spring rain falling, refreshing and renewing our spirits.  And He knows that as He pours in by His Spirit ……everything changes! Weeds are choked out, displaced and easily removed.

I’ll never forget the day the Holy Spirit asked me a question. He asked me “What do you think of yourself?"  This was such a God moment. I immediately thought the word ‘disgust’ and I ran for the bathroom as I thought I was going to be physically ill.  He then gave me a memory showing me when that thought of myself had become my "filter" in life. I was about 12. I was truly taken back!

My next thought was about how much counseling this was going to take to be healed and how I didn’t have the money for it. This was especially weird for me because I was never one to even consider the idea of counseling.

But immediately the Lord began to show me His great Love was all I needed. He showed me that a little book I was given, and had been sitting in for quite some time reading and reading and rereading about His love, was what was already changing me, revealing the root. The book was by Max Lucado called Safe in the Shepherd's Arms, all about the 23rd Psalm. It was one of the first things my husband, Larry, gave me when we met 16 years ago. He was a Max fan, I was not. But because he gave it to me, I read it... and read it and read it and read it!
This little book paints an amazing picture of the love of God, the love of Father God. I had soaked and soaked in this book UNTIL the love I learned through that book, the Word of God, Psalm 23 had so broken up the fallow (unproductive) ground of my heart and loosened that root so that the Lord could help me identify the self-disgust and remove it. It was beyond powerful for me, and was very much a huge step in my being able to more fully come into His original design and purpose for me.

Because of the rain of His Spirit by His love through the 23rd Psalm, I was able to overcome a huge obstacle in my life. It is the love of God that changes everything. We must walk in it toward one another and toward those for whom we pray. We give out to others from the overflow of His Presence – our outflow must be the overflow of our intimate walk with Him; otherwise it’s just us.

Oh, and the date for the word about Original Design, breaking up fallow ground was on 4/14! Esther 4:14 states,
"And who knows but that you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this and for this very occasion?”

Each person who comes in our midst has a ‘such a time as this’, just as we do. I believe we are walking in ours as we pray for them, as we create an atmosphere of Heaven for them to discover their original design and purpose in the Kingdom.