Transitioning Season - Rana Pullom


Rana Pullom

I have started this article several times, wondering to myself, well mostly to God, if I am even worthy to write for His Kingdom. God is so patient and gracious with me. He has allowed me to work out this piece of myself with gentle nudging and reminders of His greatness in me. Clearly, Holy Spirit does not entertain my small thoughts. He gently pushes me in the direction that He would have me go. This grace is not just for me, but for all of God’s people, the burning ones, as we enter the awakening that is taking place throughout the earth.

The last several years have been a journey for my family and a renewed connection to the life that flows from the throne of God. In the midst of transition, a new thing started to happen in me. It was an awakening of something that God put inside of me as a little girl. You see, when I moved to Spokane my life was full of trauma and I have never been the same. My childhood was stripped from me and my heart was left in the space that was my home. I was twelve years old. I began to despise the very things of God that were all around me, particularly the changing of the seasons. The child in me longed for the safety and normalcy that I shared with my family when I did not know that we were broken. Every year for twenty-eight years, I would dread the impending fall and winter. I could only see death and long for the spring and summer to return.

Holy Spirit spoke to me two falls ago. He said to me, "Rana, look up and see the beauty of where I have placed you." Reluctantly, I looked, and my eyes were opened! I began to see the colors and the necessity for fall and winter seasons. I began to look from what I had lost to a preference, what I had lost to a man-made secure place. My heart began to heal. I praised God for his graciousness and wondered if I would teach on this one day. God "Fathered" me in that moment in a way that only He can do. He simply said, "Yes, you will write about it." I accepted that, and then completely dismissed it. Certainly, God was not done with me. He began to peel away layers of pain and toxicity, and with the grace that only our Father can extend, my heart was stitched back together and the pieces of my life that had been left in the mountain of my childhood were brought back into a sense of wholeness. Life proceeded onward. I forgot about the instruction of God to write about my encounter with Him that day.

The following year, my spirit began to leap with joy as the trees started to change color and prepare for the coming winter months. I thought, "Hmmm, this is different!" Holy Spirit began to speak to me again. He said to me "Don’t despise the seasons. Just like the earth needs seasons, you need seasons.” I pondered this for several days and was reminded of the lilac bushes that require a cold winter season. In fact, lilacs in our area must freeze in their dormant season in order to bloom in their awakening season.

Holy Spirit began to talk to me about the need for the season of the secret place. He said to me me, "It is in the secret place, the place that appears dormant, that I make you strong. The secret place is where I build nations." There are many stories in the Bible of moments when it appeared that the enemy would overcome. David hid in a cave. Elijah fled from Jezebel. Peter often chose the wrong thing. Saul was blind for three days. Samson was rebellious. The chosen people of God died in the wilderness. Today we see the impact of the sleeping church in our schools, politics, market place, churches, and perhaps our homes. Conformity is pushed on us at every turn. Even in this, God always keeps a remnant. There is always a people in the secret place. Elijah was told by God that he was not alone. In fact, there were 7000 others! (1 Kings 19:18) Nehemiah rebuilt a wall. Noah built the ark. Abraham fathered the nations. I believe that God is the same yesterday today and forever. Is there a remnant today? Are there any that are waiting in the secret place? If God is the same, then it must be true. We can trust that God has a plan, a remnant.

Change is hard; it requires forerunners and a fresh wine skin to carry the new wine. At times it can become overwhelming. I am often reminded of Elijah and the great power of God in which he walked. He called down fire from the heavens and an altar full of wet wood was consumed by the burning fire of God. As the body of Christ is advancing and the guards are changing, might I be so bold as to say that in this next season there will be burning ones that will come out of the secret place - nameless and faceless. But they will be in full bloom like the freshness of spring. Their fires will not go out!   God will go before them and will be in them. Their fire will be sustained by the pressing of the oil while in the secret place. They will not be superficial or caught in the lights, but they will be pure and will be like the seven virgins going to the bridegroom. They will not carry big names, but will impact nations by the power of God and will love like Jesus loves, carrying His fragrance everywhere they go. Their faces might not be remembered, but the impact of the cross will be left everywhere they go and their inheritance will be great. In this season of our lives, in the place into which the bride of Christ is walking, let us become a generation of burning ones.

Take the coal, here we are!  Take the coal, here I am!

Rana Pullom and her husband, Larry, are Partners with the Healing Rooms Ministries and  leaders in Blaze Ministry at  the Healing Rooms headquarters in Spokane.