PTSD healed 

Granuloma Annulare, Folliculitis and Neuralgia healed

On August 2,2018 I visited the Spokane Healing Rooms. The purpose for my visit was to get prayer for my son, Humoody. Last year was rocky and I wanted for someone to agree with in prayer for this coming school year. Humoody is in 10th grade at Snohomish High. Suni Terrorists shot him in the face when he was 2 years old. We got him from Iraq when he was 3 years old. There was an ad in the Herald newspaper in December of 2006 for a family to host a child from Iraq who needed medical care. We were the only ones that offered to host him. We know that he was given to us so that he could know Jesus. Humoody was blinded by the gunshot, he has one eye missing and the other is a Prosthetic. He could not breath through his nose and his face was disfigured. After it was confirmed that Humoody would not get his eyesight back, we asked his family in Iraq if we could keep him. We knew he would have no life in Iraq, he would be shunned, mocked, and he would not be able to go to school or marry. He is very smart and personable. Miraculously, his family told us that we could keep him. Muslims never give their children away, especially to Christians.

Because of the trauma Humoody had from being shot and numerous surgeries, he developed PTSD. We were told that during puberty his PTSD might flare up. It did, and our family was devastated. In 9th grade the only thing that brought him joy was playing football for school, wrestling for school, and writing music. Yes, he is totally blind and he does everything that his peers do. Over the last year, I wrote to God regularly and he would speak to me regularly. God is so merciful, and throughout last year God was faithful to me. I claimed that Humoody would start to get better on April 15th. After that date I saw progress, and I knew he was on the road to recovery. As 10th grade was approaching, I decided to release Humoody to God. I should have done it in the beginning, but I had to be in control. After I gave Humoody to God, Humoody got better and better.

When I entered the Healing Rooms on August 2nd, I was ushered into a room were a man and woman were waiting for me. I explained to them what the last year had been like, and that I needed prayer for my son to have a great school year. The man talked to me first and he gave me some words of wisdom that really resonated with my heart. He knew that giving Humoody to God was essential.

As I was ready to leave, the sweet woman asked me if she could pray for my health. I did not tell her the aliments I had. I had Granuloma annulare for 10 years, bumps on my arms and fingers that were painful and not very pretty. I also had Folliculitis, a skin issue that gave me sores all over my scalp. In May, I had an MRI because my shoulder had torn cartilage that was very painful. I was supposed to have surgery to mend my cartilage. I also had Neuralgia, shooting nerve pain to my fingers. I was also supposed to have surgery on the nerves.

On my way home to Snohomish, I realized that I was not having any pain. The next day I discovered that all my bumps on my arms and hands were gone! And all of the sores on my scalp were gone, too! I am still free of all my ailments.

Today Humoody is doing well in school, and all his depression is gone. He is having a great school year! God has a purpose and a plan for Humoody to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord baptized Humoody in the Holy Spirit when he was 10.

I would like to thank everyone who volunteers at the Healing Rooms. The Holy Spirit is working miracles.

-Julie S - August 2, 2018

Spokane Healing Rooms

Spokane, Washington USA


Epileptic Seizures healed

The parents of a 3 year old girl reported that their daughter has been SEIZURE-FREE FOR OVER ONE YEAR since bringing her to the Healing Rooms for prayer.  The father, who is a physician, stated that his daughter had suffered from multiple seizures every week, even while she was on medication.  Today they are rejoicing in the healing power of God and that their little girl can enjoy a  normal life-

- Ruth B. - November 12, 2018

Healing Rooms of Green Bay

Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA