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We are having a clearance on our Genesis Superfood Capsules!

While supplies last, we are offering our capsules with a Best By date of 11/2018 at the clearance price of $11.00 plus tax and shipping.

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Genesis Superfood Formula from the garden is a juice powder like no other on the market. It’s made from perennial plants such as those that would have been found in the Garden of Eden. This formula has never been done before. It’s a super concentration of nutrients that are also fermented. They support the systems of the body for your daily wellness.

Due to our ability to concentrate and liberate the nutrients, we’ve been able to offer excellent results with just 1 scoop of juice powder. If you are traveling or if you simply don’t want to consume greens, and there are a lot of people who don’t, Genesis Superfood Formula can help you get many nutrients from foods you would otherwise be missing. Do you have a spouse or child in this category? There’s no fuss. No mess. You just mix a scoop of Garden’s Best Superfood in your favorite smoothie or shake or simply mix in water or juice. You can boost your immune system and your overall health. If you’re longing for health from the garden, take your superfoods and smile!

These products also have probiotics for two reasons. God created microorganisms in the garden because they are needed to break down the waste products and to nourish and feed the roots of the trees and other living things. Each of the superfoods from the Garden formulas have powerful probiotics to support digestive and immune system health. That’s a key to your health. We’ve got organic fruits and veggies. We’ve got organic herbs and spices. We’ve got powerful probiotics that come from soil and plants. We’ve delivered those very same probiotics that are responsible for the health of plants and our gut into these superfoods from the Garden formulas. For further information on ingredients, visit

God Bless you!

Cal Pierce