A Vision of the Church - Larry Pullom


Larry Pullom

During worship at Blaze, I had a vision in which I saw a lady lying on the floor.  I saw two hands come from above and touch her on the chest.  The hands were blue and as I looked closer, I could see that there were lightning bolts penetrating her body.  After the hands had touched her, she sat up and began dusting off a black dust.  The stench from the dust was that of sulfur.

I asked the Lord who the lady was and what was being dusted off of her.  He told me the lady was the church and what she was dusting off was all that she had carried that was contrary to the Spirit of God. He had placed His hands on her heart so that it would begin to beat once again after His own heart and would now be able to move with much prayer in the demonstration of His love and unity by the power of His Spirit.

As she finished dusting herself off, she stood up and the stench was gone. She now carried the fragrance of Heaven of love and truth.

Larry Pullom and his wife, Rana, are Partners with the Healing Rooms Ministries and leaders in Blaze Ministry at the Healing Rooms headquarters in Spokane.