A Man Experiences the Love of God

I just read your article that was in the Journal of Healing in the November 1, 2018 issue entitled “Original Purpose and Design” by Cathy Hopkins.

It was an interesting issue you shared about somebody coming in who was overweight, and how we are not to look at the situation, but rather at the heart that needs to be healed and loved back to life thru Jesus.

About 12 years ago, when we first started Healing Rooms, a man was standing outside our Rooms and we encouraged him to come in for a blessing.  When we brought him in, he sat down and we called down the love of God to saturate him.  I received a word that we were to release over him the truth that he was God’s beloved son and He delighted in him.

When I told him this, he howled like a wounded animal!  He could be heard all over the area and he said, "You don’t know what I have been into!"  Of course, we all knew that it was the very brokenness of the heart of man crying out.

Then the Lord gave me the most profound revelation!  He told me to tell him, "I’m not interested in his habits.  I’m interested in his heart, because when I have his heart his habits will fall away."

It was truly amazing to watch as the joy of the Lord fell on him.  He fell off his chair laughing and laughing and went out leaping, skipping and dancing with joy!   Oh, and we never did get to pray for him!

A healed heart falls in love again with God and those habits fall away because of God's great love, joy and delight in us - awakening within us the truth of who we truly are, not as we see ourselves or how others see us, but as God sees us!

Thought I would share this with you after your wonderful article!

-Julie Calvert – November 6, 2018
Warkworth Healing Rooms
Warkworth, New Zealand


Cancer Healed

At the conference in Spokane, Brian Simmons asked everyone who either had cancer or knew someone close to them who did, to stand up, so I stood up for my sister.   At the time, the doctors had given up all hope for her and told her she was rapidly coming to the end of her life.  They arranged for a counselor to work with her and her husband.  Her immune system was going down and her cancer cell count was increasing.  And they had no more chemo treatments to try on her.  After Brian prayed for her, she went back to her doctor that next week and her blood count had returned to normal and her immune system had also returned to normal. Praise God!

-Jack Smith - December 13, 2018
Spokane Healing Rooms
Spokane, Washington, USA