Fear Doesn't Stand a Chance - Cathy Hopkins


Cathy Hopkins
Cathy Hopkins

“My fear doesn’t stand a chance when I stand in Your love”
This is the chorus to a popular Christian song today. It has an amazing beat and declaration to it and draws you in to sing along with fervor. I truly enjoy it!

However there is one word that personally bothers me because I refuse to take ownership of fear. It does not come from God and doesn’t belong to me. However, I have found a way to sing with the song turning the My into Now.
“Now fear doesn’t stand a chance when I stand in Your Love”.
So so true. Perfect Love casts out all fear! Thank you, Lord.

The Lord has also clarified to me that fear is a spirit, not an emotion. The spirit of fear causes emotions of anxiety and worry. Paul, under inspiration of Holy Spirit, told Timothy that God has not given him a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, a spirit of love and a spirit of a sound mind. We want to make sure we understand that fear is not simply an emotion, just like love is not an emotion. They are spirits according to the word of God. And they are opposite of one another.

It is important that we treat them as such. We cannot talk ourselves, or anyone else, out of being fearful. The spirit of God gives us the power, love and sound mind to counter the fear the enemy sends our way. Love casts out all fear! Spirit to spirit!

In 1 John 4:8 we read “God is Love” and in John 1:14   “Jesus is the Word made flesh.”

So we use the Word, who is Love, to combat the spirit of fear. Never take hold of, or take possession of, what the enemy wants to use to destroy you.

Declare with me today:
God has not given me a spirit of fear. I release all fear from my soul which causes emotions of anxiety and worry about my life and those I love. I bind the love of God, the power of God and the mind of God to my soul to empower me to withstand all the fiery darts of the evil one. I walk in the victory Jesus purchased on my behalf!

Cathy Hopkins (chopkins@healingrooms.com) is the IAHR Executive Director and the Director of Spokane Healing Rooms at our Headquarters in Spokane, WA.