TMJ Healed - 

A woman came a few months ago asking for prayer for her family. During our pre-prayer time , I received a word of knowledge about the side of her face. When she came in, I told her, "I keep sensing something from the Lord about the side of your face or your jaw.  I asked her if there was anything there that she would like us to pray about.  And she said, "Yes, I have TMJ and my jaw is in so much pain. The doctor wants me to take so many pain killers and I don't want to..." and she started to cry. So we prayed for her jaw, rebuking pain at its source and praying for the Shalom peace of God to fill her. We didn't hear from her for some time, but then two weeks ago she came and brought three more generations of her family for prayer (her mom, daughter and baby granddaughter). She told us, "Since that prayer time, I haven't had any pain!" We were then able to minister to her whole family. Praise the Lord!

David Harder- Region 14 and State Director - January 22.2019
United Healing Rooms of Tulsa
Tulsa, Oklahoma USA


Heart Arrhythmia Healed

One year ago during our Sunday evening Healing Rooms time, a doctor and his wife came for prayer regarding his heart arrhythmia because he has had to have several surgeries and things over the span of his life and nothing had seemed to help. He was facing yet another procedure if his heart didn’t beat correctly. He told me that since his visit to our prayer rooms he has only had one issue with arrhythmia and it was December 10th, 2017 when he came last, so a year ago. He also stated that the arrhythmia that he had was also much less strong than other ones that he had had. He said sometimes he catches himself questioning “I wonder what it was about that session that caused a change in my heart.” Then he said, “But then I say to my wife, 'Either we believe or we don’t, so I choose to believe.'"

David Harder- Region 14 and State Director - January 22.2019
United Healing Rooms of Tulsa
Tulsa, Oklahoma USA


(These testimonies have come from our Region 5 Directors, Bob and Lola Copenhaver in Bismarck, North Dakota.)

New Shoulder Parts - 

I came in with shoulder pain at a level of 7 to 9 (10 being the worst).  I forgave myself and others, which allowed peace to enter my entire being and allowed new shoulder parts to be placed appropriately. I saw little colored sparkles of light floating down toward my shoulder as they were praying.   I left without pain! –

Pneumonia Healed -

I was diagnosed with double pneumonia. I came in for prayer.  I was on antibiotics already, but the next day – after prayer—I felt so much better.  I was completely healed! -

(The following testimonies are from people who received prayer from the Healing Rooms KIDS out of Region 5)

Dog Healed -

Thank you, Healing Rooms KIDS, for your prayers for our beloved dog, Gracie. She had a slipped disc, and her pancreas went into a rage, causing her much pain. She was unable to eat her normal diet.
After prayer, she was like a puppy again! She was running and enjoying life once again!” -

Broken Ankle Healed -

(The Doctor said she would have no bone growth at her age…But God!)

I saw the Physician’s Assistant today for my ankle (broken bone). The x-rays showed great bone growth, and the PA expects complete healing! I get to start walking without my boot cast at home and within 2 weeks, I can walk everywhere!

I am so grateful to the children of God who prayed for me. Most of all I am grateful to my Lord and Savior! -

Pregnant - 

I have been asking God for another child for the past 4 years. I just want to be grateful to God for the Healing Rooms family and for Healing Rooms KIDS – for all the prayers.  God has blessed me, and now I’m pregnant! May God bless you all. Amen. -

Supernatural Debt Cancellation -

We overcome the devil by the blood of the Lamb and word of our testimony! Revelation 12:11
I have been involved with the Healing Rooms since Oct. 2009…I have had prayer and prayed in the rooms for many years, A friend of mine invited me to get prayer following a very a difficult divorce. God is so good - He carried me through one of the darkest seasons of my life. During this time, for years after the divorce, at times I really just wanted God to take me home.
I went through deep depression and unknowing allowed the spirit of discouragement and hopelessness to creep in. I felt like the enemy was isolating me, to go for the kill.
BUT -God rescued me with great victories and breakthroughs of His mercy and grace.
Shortly after the divorce, I was going through a very hard time financially and emotionally, in my job as a mortgage banker. Everything was on the decline because of the mortgage crisis at the time and I was on a commission based salary. I had no idea how I was going to financially survive, having to provide for my young 13 year old son while paying my mortgage and a huge student loan bill.
One day I was approached by a business acquaintance, a very rich man, basically to be my sugar daddy…he offered to pay my mortgage, bills and take me on expensive trips. However, while that was very tempting, considering my situation, I knew it was not right …God said He would be my provider and protector. I accepted God’s offer! It was a fight of Faith, but He was so faithful to see me through.
I was ultimately laid off due to the mortgage crisis. Yet, true to His Word, God provided consistent income of $1300 a month! And because my home was in litigation due to the divorce, I had no mortgage payment for 8 years. Due to interest rates, my student loans had climbed to $114,000, and I had no idea how I was ever going to be able to pay these loans off. I prayed for years for wisdom and provision, trusting God to do what only He could do! By nothing but the grace of God, these loans were actually CANCELLED! Praise the Lord!
I shared my testimony with a group at the Healing Rooms and a sister in Christ wanted me to pray with her that her student loans would be paid as well. Shortly after that, she got her $200,000 student loan forgiven! Praise God!
My home went through foreclosure and my ex-boyfriend bought it back for me for exactly what I had written on a check by faith 7 years prior -WOW GOD!
I keep a Praise report book of pictures and documents, showing what God does so I can bring Him glory by sharing with others. As well as encouraging myself.

Tina Rachell- January 29, 2019
Spokane Healing Rooms
Spokane, Washington USA