Cal Pierce
Cal Pierce

On the Birthday of John G Lake, I want to acknowledge what God is doing today. This July 22nd will be our 20th anniversary of when we opened Healing Rooms.

When we began, the Lord told me, “The movement will not be about somebody, but about My body. The days of focusing on a person will be over. The body of Christ will carry the anointing for healing to the ends of the earth.”

There are currently Healing Rooms in 74 countries. I want to acknowledge the wonderful Directors and team members who are faithfully carrying the work of the Kingdom into cities around the world. I once asked God, when we were in the old Rookery building, “How are we going to exceed what John G. Lake did in Spokane?” The Lord said, “You're not!  The work won't be about a city; it will be about the world.”

It's important to remember that we are the body of Jesus, and the same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwells within us. Therefore, we have all the fullness of God available to us. The knowing of this Truth will make us free, according to John 8:32.

It's time to move forward. If we keep focusing on the past and past works, we will begin to believe that what we have today isn't enough. We will then look at our future as being void of power. We have focused on past people's works for decades.

We must now focus on the same God they focused on and become all that we are called to be. The past healing movements will not sustain us in this new season. There is a new wine that will require a new wineskin.

The work of Healing Rooms today far exceeds what John G. Lake accomplished. God used a man to open a door, so that He could use His body to impact the world!

Well done, Directors and team members! I want you to know...

the best is yet to come!