Epileptic Seizures Healed -

GIRL HEALED OF EPILEPTIC SEIZURES!!! The parents of a 3 yr. old girl reported that their daughter has been SEIZURE-FREE FOR OVER ONE YEAR since bringing her to the Healing Rooms for prayer. The father, who is a physician, stated that his daughter had suffered from multiple seizures every week, even while she was on medication. Today they are rejoicing in the healing power of God and that their little girl can enjoy a normal life!

Krista F –
Healing Rooms of Olathe
Olathe, Kansas USA

Heart restored -

Very helpful!! My heart feels restored and the pain in my body has decreased!

Nicole L –
Healing Rooms of Olathe
Olathe, Kansas USA

Hip Healed and Leg Lengthened -

I had a hip that had been bothering me for several years, but it became more aggravated since delivering my 8th baby. I could never get comfortable at night because of the pain and tension in my back and hips. My flexibility was also limited, making it so hard to exercise, which is what I love to do. I was believing and trusting God for my healing while trying to strengthen my hip for almost a year. Finally, it just got to the point of being unbearable.

That was when I decided to go the Healing Rooms of Green Bay, and in faith, expected my healing to be manifested. I filled out the form and mentioned that I had one leg shorter than the other. The prayer team prayed over me, then one of them prayed over my legs. As he was praying, I could feel immediate relief in my hips and I felt my right leg lengthen. The three others all saw that my legs were now the same length! I kept my eyes closed as this was all happening, but I knew things were different. Once I stood up it felt like that leg was on stilts! Amazing!!! God is good. I continue to believe, receive and declare my healing. My range of motion is like night and day, my legs feel stronger and my back isn't tight anymore! Good night sleep, here I come!

Reta W –
Maryborough Healing Rooms
Green Bay, Wisconsin USA

Rotator Cuff Healed and more -

I had many issues. The doctors said last September that I needed to have my right rotator cuff tear operated on ASAP or it would be too late (It would heal wrong). I was convinced that Jesus would fix it.

I received an overhaul! Not only did my rotator cuff get healed, so did the muscles, leg cramps, diabetes and other issues. I came here to get healed and I was not disappointed. Praise God!

Rupert J –
Spokane Healing Rooms
Spokane, Washington USA

Delivered From Torment –

Today I’ve been delivered from a voice of torment. I give thanks to God for this and His blessing of His freedom that He was given. Praise to God!

David H-
Spokane Healing Rooms
Spokane, Washington USA

Healing of Schizophrenia –

I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate your ministry since I was healed of schizophrenia in August of 2018. I suffered from this mental illness for 18 years.

It all started one day as I watched the 700 Club. Someone wrote in to share how the 700 Club had called out his name and said, “The Lord wants to heal you of schizophrenia.” He claimed the healing, weaned himself off the drugs and was writing in to share his praise. This gave me hope for the first time. I had a living hope and it spurred me on to pray earnestly for healing every day. I had gotten laid off my job in June after it was outsourced and my medical coverage lapsed. When I went to renew my prescription of Risperadone in August, it was going to cost me $900! My husband told me to call the doctor to see if they had any samples to supply me with. As I waited for the doctor’s office to call me back, I prayed, “God, if they cannot help me, I will take this as a sign that You want to heal me.” Well, they said they had no samples. My husband was very upset because he remembered how I was during my mental breakdown in 2000 before I started on medication. I told him it was going to be okay; that I would go to the Healing Rooms.

On Thursday, I went in and a man prayed for me. He said, “I sense this has been very difficult for you. The Lord wants to heal you. He is going to remove the visor from your mind and you are going to begin seeing things through God’s light, grace and forgiveness.” That night I went to Franklin Graham at the Fair Grounds and Jeremy Camp shared a message during worship about Paul and Silas in prison and how worship broke the chains. The next day, Friday, I was in my living room praising the Lord when He healed me. He showed me the scripture in 2Peter about His wounds making me whole. He showed me the great satisfaction He got from being able to heal me, and He showed me His victory! I was healed!

But I still had to walk it out. I went back to the Healing Rooms on Saturday and a woman prayed that the Lord would seal the healing. I had to go through warfare from the enemy, as he did not want to give up easily. I would experience freedom in the mornings, but by the afternoon, I would feel harassed in my mind and body. About a week into this, my husband’s cousin called me to see how I was doing. I told her my symptoms and she said, “Oh that is just the devil. He does not want you to share your testimony on the streets of Spokane and set people free!” She prayed for me. Later that day, I shared my testimony with a girl at Dutch Brothers Coffee shop. This girl really wasn’t interested, but I knew the Lord wanted me to tell her, so I obeyed. After that the devil’s hold on me was broken!!!

The oppression that had been on my life affected my family and my home. The next thing Jesus did was to reclaim my home. My unemployment ran out, but God gave my husband a part time job, which made up for it, and I was able to concentrate on reclaiming my home. Every day for 2 months, I cleaned and I cleaned. I went through everything in my home. I read every piece of paper and cleaned everything, even emptying out containers and cleaning them out. I made 6 runs to the dump and donated to UGM Thrift Store 5 times. When I was all done, we had a brand new home. There was nothing left in our home that would give the devil a foothold, nor anything that was connected to any of the dark periods of our lives.

Now I am free, really free in Christ Jesus. Even today I got all teary eyed as I thanked Him for healing me of schizophrenia. He is a good God. He has good things in store for us all. If we are obedient, He will do the rest!!

Lisa D –
Spokane Healing Rooms
Spokane, Washington USA

Osteo-arthritis healed and more -

I had been diagnosed with advanced osteo-arthritis in my knees. I had intense pain in my knees and also in my feet, back, neck and shoulders. I wanted a quick fix from all the pain. I did feel immediate relief in my knees but knew there was more healing to come. I had resigned from the worship team because I couldn't stand for over an hour up on the stage but after that first day of being prayed for, I felt I was to go back onto the worship team and believe God for my total healing.

My next visit to the Healing Rooms was a very interesting time. I loved what God did for me that day which left me with an overwhelming feeling of compassion and ability to offer forgiveness. I also had felt that God was speaking to me about losing weight.

My next visit was all about having words cut off me about my weight. Someone lent me some DVDs about doing the right thing for my wellness. I have begun to put these life styles into practice and, PRAISE THE LORD, I am feeling relatively pain free and no longer taking pain medication.

I praise God for the journey He has taken me on for this to happen and I WILL see my complete healing and I WILL be able to get off the rest of the medication in the very near future. HE GETS ALL THE GLORY FOR EVERY STEP IN THIS JOURNEY.

Healing Rooms of Marlton
Marlton, New Jersey USA