Spring Cleaning - Carol Krum


Carol Krum

Carol Krum

This morning on the way to work, I glanced in my side mirror and saw a semi coming with the letters CRY as its logo. It struck me as such an odd name for a company to promote its business. However, when it came up beside me, I realized I had been reading it backwards in my mirror, because it was actually YRC! An early morning chuckle ensued, as once again, I was my own best entertainer!

Then the Holy Spirit quickened to me His message for YRC! Your Redeeming Cross! In an instant, I saw all that was accomplished on the cross at Calvary through the blood poured out for mankind. But then, oddly enough, I was reminded of all the sins I had committed before I was healed of my past brokenness. Jesus had shed His precious blood and paid my debt for ALL of it and for every sin I would commit for the rest of my life!

One might ask why this was brought to my remembrance at such a time as this. After all, we are told we need not recall those sins that have been forgiven. Psalm 103:12 tells us, “As far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us.” When the Father looks at us, He can only see the blood of His Son that has washed us clean. He sees only His Son’s righteousness as we stand before Him spotless, righteous and holy.

Thank God for the redeeming blood of Jesus!

As much as I would love to say I didn’t need this reminder today, I cannot! Do I know it to be true? Of course, I do! Do I believe it in every cell and fiber of my being? Absolutely! The Word is true, it is Yes and Amen, always and forever!

Please allow me to be real in this present moment! I am in a serious battle for my soul. Something has happened in my life that the enemy is using to unleash every weapon he has to knock my feet out from under me. Without giving details, suffice it to say that anger, resentment, bitterness, unforgiveness and offense are pounding at the door of my soul with an unrelenting force, causing me great pain and anguish. Most Christians choose not to be this transparent while in the midst of their battle, waiting, instead, until they have their testimony of overcoming victory. However, because of my experience this morning, I am convinced that someone reading this needs to be encouraged in their own present battle!

Today my weapon of choice is to take the Light of the Spirit of Truth and cast it right into the heart of my very own soul where these hidden pockets of residual sin will be exposed. These nasty critters are knocking at the door of my soul, alright, but they are knocking from the inside! They have been tucked away in places I didn’t even know existed, but sure enough, given the right circumstances, to my horror they have risen up within me! David said to the Lord in Psalm 139:24, “And see if there is any wicked way in me ...” How easy it is to quote that scripture and truly mean it; that is, until something wicked shows up! Then we are shocked beyond words at the ugliness that is revealed.

I am so thankful for the words of Paul in Romans 7:15-20 where he speaks of doing the things he doesn’t want to do and not doing the things he wants to do. Well, if Paul can say this, so can we! It is sin, pure and simple. And it’s time to deal with it!

We are told that God is going to be doing a deep cleansing within the Bride of Christ before He will bring in the awakening harvest that He has promised. With our sincere “Yes” to Him, we have given Him permission to bring to light anything that needs to be removed in order that we may have a clean heart and a steadfast spirit within us. Keep in mind that God loves us just the way we are, but too much to let us stay that way! As painful as it is to see, if He reveals it, He will also give us the grace to take care of business so that we can truly be made the vessels He is looking for to carry the new wine that is coming. I do believe He is very serious about cleansing the Body of Christ first. I’m just shocked at how quickly He went after me!! Oops, now I see pride raising its ugly head and I must add that to my list! Seriously? Did I actually believe none of this could possibly be hiding somewhere in my soul? Apparently so, because of how shocked and disappointed I have been to see it! Glory be to God that Romans 8:1 says, “There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

This is absolutely not about condemnation, because condemnation will never come from God. Otherwise, why would He have allowed His only Son to come to this earth, take on humanity, live a righteous and holy life bringing healing, deliverance and restoration to God's chosen, only to end up beaten, scourged and hung on a cross to die? The answer can only lie in the infinite love, compassion and mercy He has for all mankind. It is His desire to welcome us all back into His loving presence through reconciliation, but that could not happen without the atoning price that Jesus paid for all of us, and that includes you and me. It is difficult to comprehend the magnitude of such love and we are left so gracefully broken before Him as we face those “wicked ways” within our own soul.

Yet how beautiful it is to know that God sees this as so necessary, and may I say even urgent, in this moment in history. We must have the faith to believe that God will do what only He can do to bring us deeper and deeper into our relationship with Him. I believe that the Lord wants us to be more in love with Him in this season than we have ever been before. That means being honest enough with ourselves and with Him, being vulnerable enough to face the very things He will reveal in order to be deeply cleansed of any impurities we carry so that our love relationship with Him will flourish beyond anything we could ever hope for or imagine! That’s why there is such a heavenly urgency to get the Bride of Christ cleansed, purified and made ready for the new wine that is being poured out right now..

As one voice in the Body and Bride of Christ, I share this message with you in all faith, believing that it will be a sweet reminder to anyone else who may find themselves faced with their own “hidden pockets of sin” in the near future. May we all be encouraged to continue in our “Yes” to the Lover of our soul, the One who is the author and finisher of our faith, the Lord Jesus Christ, so that we may say, along with Paul in 1 Cor. 15:10, “By grace and only by grace I am what I am, and it was not without having its effect.”

Carol Krum is the Partner Coordinator at the Spokane Headquarters and our resident encourager in joy.