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Recently I had quite an experience of many pieces of 'things' coming together. I believe that it is important to share some of this with you.  I hope it will speak to you regarding Healing Rooms, what God is doing in this Time and how much we must pay attention when He is speaking.  He has made it clear to me that hearing, knowing and responding quickly to His voice is imperative to walk the path He has for us.  God is so good! ~Be Blessed

February 22, 2019 I was sitting at a traffic light and noticed the license plate on the car in front of me. 10-9222 – I immediately ‘saw’ the date in the numbers. And then, I heard the question, ‘What does 10-9 mean in police radio code?’ Ok, that was different. I managed a quick pic of the plate before the light changed. Upon an online search, I discovered that 10-9 generally means ‘Repeat-Say Again’. Repeat 222? I pondered and asked Holy Spirit to help me understand if indeed there was something I needed to see and understand.

On March 3rd I received a Facebook message from Julie Calvert, IAHR National Director for New Zealand. It was a forward FB post of someone I did not know. In the post 2/22 was front and center. (Please know I had not reached out to Julie with the numbers.) In this person’s post, she spoke of Paul Cain’s recent passing along with the dates of Bob Jones and John Paul Jackson’s passing and the dates of all their burials. Per this person’s FB post, all three of these great men of God were ‘put in the ground as seeds’ on 2/22 in their respective years. Yes, this felt like the Lord letting me know He indeed was highlighting 222. More pondering.

On March 29th, co-worker and friend, Carol Krum, sent me a text to urge me to read the Elijah List article released that morning titled, ‘An Appointed Time and Season of Awakening’. While reading it, II could feel the presence of Holy Spirit and knew I needed to pay attention. A word I had received months ago came flooding back. (There are angels around you, whispering new things to you. Don’t just see what you see….see things IN what you see. They are there to reveal mysteries to you.) I asked Holy Spirit to show me. I read and reread, prayed and prayed some more. I did some research online and sought the Lord regarding everything I was ‘seeing’ in this article. I wanted to hear Him, see what He had for me. I want to share some of the things I believe Holy Spirit showed me.

In the midst of this time I suddenly ‘knew’ the ‘222’ is Acts 2:22, ‘Peter continued, “People of Israel, listen to the facts. Jesus, the Victorious, was a Man on a divine mission whose authority was clearly proven. For you know how God performed many powerful miracles, signs, and wonders through him.’ (TPT italics mine) There are many things in this article that caught my attention. As I have been with the ministry only 5 years of its 20 year history, not to mention the years leading up to its inception with all the prophetic words and prophetic acts, I have often said to the Lord that I needed Him to show me what I need to know, answer questions I don’t even know to ask. I discovered that the author of this article was the same person whose FB post Julie Calvert had forwarded to me, Kari Browning. In this article, Kari speaks of many divine happenings and the dates on which they occurred. The portion regarding May 2005 was powerful to me for several reasons.

It’s Time - On June 21, 2018, I clearly heard Holy Spirit say “It’s Time”. The words were pregnant. I knew I didn’t have a full understanding; however, I did know two things. He was speaking of our impending move the next week. (We were moving the Spokane Healing Rooms and the Healing Rooms Ministries’ administrative offices into the newly remodeled 2nd floor of the training center.) And He was telling me it was time to gather the team to pray – to ask that the Glory that had been resident in our midst would move with us, the angelic hosts and His Presence, which we did the following Tuesday evening. We began in the ‘old’ location and as we walked from one building to the next, we gathered at the door to go in to the ‘new’ as one, then someone began to sing ‘We are One in the Spirit’. On Monday, June 25, 2018, three ‘words’ came forth to confirm the move and it’s timing. The first part of our physical move began with the phone system. One of our receptionists was at the offices (we are closed on Mondays) and texted me stating ‘It’s time for the new to replace the old’. Two prophetic words from other ministries were forwarded to me by team members. The second ‘word’ began with ‘It’s moving time…..’ the third started with the words, ‘The Father says today, the move is on….’ Through this article and more research, Holy Spirit highlighted the date to me. I discovered that the prophetic word through Shawn Bolz about the earthquake that caused the Healing Rooms to move out of the Rookery Building occurred in June 2001. Shawn had an Open Vision on June 14th and the earthquake occurred June 25th. Yes, 17 years to the day of the official start of our move to the training center building, the earthquake happened, which was the official start of the previous move out of the Rookery Building.

The words ‘It’s Time’, as I stated, were pregnant when I heard them. I knew I was given a small piece of it - what I needed for the moment. In reading Kari’s article regarding May 2005, and how she and her daughter-in-law heard ‘It’s Time’, and saw watches, pocket watches to be exact, connected with me for June 2018 but also to November 2018 when a picture was sent to me by a couple in California, they are Healing Rooms directors. They had been gifted a painting by a friend who had painted it sometime before, I believe during a worship service. The artist heard Holy Spirit tell her to give this particular painting to these directors. This couple was (and are) in a serious time of transition waiting for the timing of the Lord to make a physical move He had instructed them to prepare for. When I received the picture and seeing the hands in the midst of the pocket watch reflecting the time of 2:20, I believe Holy Spirit spoke to me that it was regarding a date. Separately, they received the same message. Upon reading this part of Kari’s article ‘It's Time’ and the pocket watches jumped out at me. Then there was Todd Bentley’s part in hearing Acts 5:12 during a visitation on Mother’s Day 2005.

In mid-October 2018, Lori, part of the leadership of the Spokane Healing Rooms team, kept hearing the numbers 512. The numbers kept coming but she did not know what they meant. One night during prayer with other team members, a ‘wrong’ notebook, that the prayer requests were written in, was ‘accidentally’ brought in and as this person knew of Lori’s numbers, showed her the scripture written on the open page of the ‘wrong’ notebook, Acts 5:12. Lori’s heart was quickened and she knew that was the correct understanding to the numbers she kept hearing. It was a powerful night as they all prayed into Acts 5:12, ‘The apostles performed many signs, wonders, and miracles among the people.’ (italics mine) Acts 2:22 and Acts 5:12 – the same message…. Many signs, wonders, and miracles performed at Jesus’ hands and then the apostles and NOW … you and me, the Body of Christ. 10-9222- Repeat Acts 2:22 - Todd Bentley’s experience happened on Mother’s Day 2005 and he heard ‘Acts 5:12 begins today’. This year, 14 years later (14 - fullness of time- fulfillment - completion) Mother’s Day is on May 12th (5/12).

Pentecost - Over 30 years ago, through a book published by Kenneth Copeland Ministries, ‘John G. Lake’, I came to know who John G. Lake was. This book is a collection of many of John G. Lake’s sermons and his biography. In March/April 2018, the Lord told me to pick this book up again. I sat in the first chapter for weeks ‘Triune Salvation’. However, on May 4th, 2018, I perused the table of contents and discovered the chapter titled ‘Portland Vision’. John G. Lake had an encounter in 1920 right after he left Spokane and moved to Portland - an angelic visitation. At the end of this encounter, John G. Lake cried out for understanding regarding Pentecost. The angel took the Bible from JGL’s hands and opened it to the book of Acts. The angel strongly stated, “This is Pentecost as God gave it through the heart of Jesus. Strive for this. Contend for this. Teach the people to pray for this. For this, and this alone, will meet the necessity of the human heart, and this alone will have the power to overcome the forces of darkness.” As I have pondered the two scriptures about the performing of signs, wonders and miracles, my thoughts were drawn to what had occurred just before these verses in their respective places in the book of Acts - Unity, One Accord, One heart, mind and spirit of all those gathered to seek Him. Kari recently wrote about JGL’s Portland vision and other things regarding the Power of Pentecost on her website. She shared that in 2006, Bob Jones, at a conference in the Pacific Northwest, watched a Native American man dance in full regalia to Jason Upton’s song, ‘We are One in the Spirit’, and prophesied that during this performance, the heavens opened. He also stated that there would be a sign in the heavens to confirm it. On Pentecost weekend, a Fire Rainbow appeared that was so rare it made international news. Psalm 133 has been in the forefront of my heart since, soon after coming to Spokane. When we are in unity, the Lord says from that place He commands the blessing. My belief is that His commanded blessing looks like ‘signs, wonders, and miracles of healing’ being performed at the hands of His people.

In my research I discovered a newsletter on White Dove Ministries website from 2003. In it I found what I consider to be powerful information speaking of God’s foundational work as He prepared for the birthing of this ministry and others. In January 1999, a meeting of American prophets occurred where they heard from the Lord that an ‘unholy alliance between the spirit of religion and the spirit of politics was unleashing terrorism and the ultimate purpose of the unholy alliance was to “frustrate the birthing of God’s purposes in our nation”’. However, the Lord said there would be ‘a company of believers who will “crossover” as spies to taste the good word of God and the Power of the age to come and share it with the Body at large and introduce a new day in the Spirit.’ The year 1999 saw many strong ministries birthed - Healing Rooms, International House of Prayer, and The Call, to name only a few. Bethel was already experiencing much in their midst, as we know that is where Cal and Michelle were when they were sent to Spokane to ‘re-dig the wells of healing’. I am humbled to be a part. January 2018, at the Elijah List Conference in Oregon, the Lord gave me a word through Steve Shultz. The last part was – “You are contending for something….Wait for it, it will surely come.” I now realize this is tied to Habakkuk 2:3. Verse 2: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. Verse 3 For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end—it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay." The word translated as “vision” in this verse can also be translated revelation. Isn’t that what prophets and all who receive a prophetic word do? They receive revelation and they write it out, with the intent and hope that others will also see and run with it as the Spirit of God leads. The end of this verse states, ‘it will not delay’. I have seen many prophetic words in recent months declaring NO MORE DELAY.

10-9 222 = Repeat Pentecost - Signs, Wonders, Miracles at the Hands of the Body of Christ

This believer BELIEVES we have stepped into a ‘fullness of time’. A suddenly, like we have never seen, is exploding in our midst in upcoming weeks. Let’s stand together in full agreement – obedient to the Lord’s command to contend in prayer, persistent prayer, to enter into ALL He has for us so we can bring in the harvest through our unity in His Spirit – where He commands the Blessing. The end of the biography of John G. Lake, in the book I have, quotes him stating, “I can see…that there is coming from heaven a new manifestation of the Holy Spirit in power, and that new manifestations will be in sweetness, in love, in tenderness…beyond anything your heart or mine ever saw. The very lightning of God will flash through men’s souls.”