New Creation Thinking - Cal Pierce


Cal Pierce
Cal Pierce

We are moving into a new season.  A war is intensifying between good and evil.  It seems that nothing is what we have called “normal” anymore.  Our belief as Christians is being challenged on every front.  This new season is going to require new wine, new revelation that gives God’s people greater power to establish His Kingdom on earth and bring in the final harvest.

It is imperative that we receive this new revelation that the Holy Spirit is releasing in this hour.  New revelation increases our light to overcome the increase of darkness.  The Great Awakening that is upon us is to awaken us to this revelation.  Our old wine skin thinking will not receive the new wine revelation.  God wants to awaken our old wine skin thinking to receive this revelation.

Here is an example of this revelation.  In 2 Cor. 5: 17-18 it says,

“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old things passed away;
behold, new things have come.  Now all these things are from God…”

If this scripture is true, we become a new creation at the very moment we come to Christ, and the old things pass away or are gone.  New things replace them.  The problem we are having is that people come to Christ, become believers and still carry the old things.  They need healing, deliverance, counseling and every kind of ministry we can imagine because they are still carrying around those old things that are declared passed.

What this means is that we are really a Christian in name only.  In order to be a new creation, we must take on the new things of God so that the old things will pass away.  The new is meant to replace and overcome the old things that came from the curse, that to which we are no longer bound.

In Galatians 3:13-14 it says,

“Yet Christ paid the full price to set us free from the curse of the law.  He absorbed it completely as he became a curse in our place…  Jesus, our Messiah, was cursed in our place and in so doing, dissolved the curse from our lives….”   The Passion Translation

If we hang on to the old things, we are fulfilling the will of the enemy and believing what Jesus did for us was not enough to set us free from the old.

When it says, “behold, new things have come,” the word behold means to know new things.  We are new creations to know Christ and the power of His resurrection.  If we believe God is pouring out new wine, then we must receive the revelation that comes with it.  We cannot have greater power without greater revelation.  If there is greater darkness, then we must receive greater light.  We, as the body of Christ, must begin to embrace this new creation truth that will make us free from the old things that have kept us bound.

A Great Awakening is coming that will move us into the new things of God.  We must believe that the power of Jesus’ blood is enough to deliver us out of the old into the new.  That power is enough to get us saved, healed and delivered into the body of Christ.  It is the knowing of new things that gives us the power to cause the old things to pass away.