Celebrating 20 Years - Cal Pierce


Cal Pierce
Cal Pierce

On July 22, 2019 we celebrated our 20th anniversary of the Healing Rooms Ministries. What an amazing 20 years it has been watching God do what only He could do through the hands of willing vessels. We could never have dreamed of what was to take place, but we have experienced many lifetimes of memories and divine encounters.

After growing up in Redding, California, getting saved through Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship and then encountering God through revival in the late 90’s, I was called by God to travel to Spokane, Washington to pray for three days. I had no clue what He was about to do. When I returned home, I was called to go on a 40 day fast. It was then that I was directed by God to re-dig the wells of healing that John G. Lake had here in the city of Spokane. After much prayer, we re-opened the Healing Rooms in downtown Spokane that hadn’t operated in 80 years. We were in complete amazement at what began to happen!

We were ordinary people, able to do extraordinary work because of the God we served. We realized early on that the key to building the Kingdom of God was to humble ourselves before Him, listen and follow as He directed. Over time, as word got out what was happening in Spokane, an explosion of the birthing of Healing Rooms was moving all over the world. Today there have been over 3000 Healing Rooms opened in 74 nations. I can’t say there haven’t been challenges along the way; however, as we kept our eyes on Jesus, He gave us the strength to overcome every obstacle.

Michelle and I are both thankful for and blessed by all the wonderful people who have selflessly ministered in the Healing Rooms over the years, both here in Spokane and throughout the world. One of the things we have enjoyed the most is being an Apostolic Father and Mother to the sons and daughters of God. Our cup is truly running over as we prepare for this coming season. All of us at the International Headquarters are looking to the future with great expectancy, knowing that the best is yet to come!