Prophecy - Linda Keough


Linda Keough
Linda Keough

This prophecy was given to Linda on 9/17/2014 during the Summit Conference.  It seems appropriate to share it again during our 20th Anniversary celebration!

Come to the Well 

“For I AM the living water that shall never run dry.”

Years ago a man named Cal, heard the call…

“Come Up hither.
Set yourself aside for Me and for My Kingdom, for My Glory,
Because I want to do what I did years ago in Spokane.
My Hand is upon My city.
Just as the ancient Wells were stopped up by the enemy
To where no one could drink of the waters,
So was the Well of Signs, Wonders and Miracles stopped up in this City.
But you followed the call, Cal! You heard My voice
And re-dug that Well for many to come and drink of.
O taste and see that I AM God, O taste and see that
I AM Good. For this Well shall never run dry.
My blessings flow from generation to generation
(so come and) Drink deep, fill your buckets full
That you may share with the Nations.
Increase! You shall see Increase!
You stirred the waters by your faith and obedience.
Now – I and the Host of Heaven are stirring the waters,
For My hand is upon this work.”