So It Begins - Carol Krum


Carol Krum

Carol Krum

The Lord is preparing the body of Christ to follow Him in a new way. So many people are hearing His call to enter into a deeper relationship with Him than they have ever known. People who have been sitting in their churches week after week, year after year, believing that this was enough, are suddenly sensing a stirring in their heart for more, a hunger they have never known. They don’t know where to go or what to do with this hunger, but suddenly, the status quo just isn’t enough. Pastors are feeling it as well and even they aren’t sure what to do. I liken it to waking up from a deep sleep in a hotel room and not being sure what day it is, what time it is, or for that matter, what town you are in. Oh, yes, this is an exciting time to watch the body of Christ being awakened from a deep sleep and finding herself overwhelmed with a new hunger for “more” of God!

This is an awakening into new realms and new experiences in the Holy Spirit, where new dimensions never before witnessed by God’s people lie before them. We have entered an era that will be different for all of the body of Christ. Whether a seasoned prayer warrior or a new babe who knows little about how to pray, there will be a new fire in the bellies and prayer will become a driving force that will propel God’s people into His Word. The revelation of God’s love will come off those pages in ways they’ve never seen before! And it will be received in all its fullness, as tears of joy fall from their eyes.

An understanding of the power of the blood of Jesus will become paramount in their prayer, grasping with a holy tenacity the truth of the healing that was purchased through the obedience of the Son of God. Communion will no longer be something done in a service at church, but rather it will become the spiritual nourishment for the body, soul and spirit of every man, woman and child. There will be no law attached to it, but rather, with a knowing in their knower, they will long to partake of the body and blood of Jesus Christ, the lover of their soul, driven only by pure love and gratitude for all that was accomplished on behalf of all mankind.

Miracles, signs and wonders will become the norm in this new era. They will be happening with such acceleration, there won’t be time to document them or to explain them. The blind will see, the lame will walk, the deaf will hear, cancer will  disappear, tumors will fall off, the mentally ill will be restored with a sound mind, and all disease will bow to the magnificent and powerful name of Jesus!

Once people have a divine encounter with Jesus Christ, they will never be the same. The dynamic transformation that will take place will be exponentially faster than anything we have ever seen. How they see God, themselves, and the world will change their values completely. They are the ones who will change our culture, bringing Heaven to earth, just as Jesus commissioned all of His followers to do. Whether we are young or old, this is a new day, a new era, and God is calling all of us to experience and receive more of His love, His truth and His power.

It really is time to Rejoice! Rejoice! Again I say Rejoice!

Carol Krum is the Partner Coordinator at the Spokane Headquarters and our resident encourager in joy.