Let's Chew On It! - Carol Krum


Carol Krum

Carol Krum

This past week we, at Healing Rooms Ministries, were blessed to host the Leaders from around the world who have stepped up to be Directors over Nations, Regions, State and local Healing Rooms. This is an annual event during which time they gather together as one body to worship God whom they love and serve, listening to His Spirit, prophesying, praying, and encouraging one another. The commitment that has been made by these beautiful people is so inspiring to those of us at headquarters, reminding us always why this ministry is so valuable to God and to the people He loves so much.

In reflecting on words that were shared, there was one common theme that resonated within each and every one of them. We can do nothing without the Word of God written deeply on the tablets of our hearts. You see, God’s Word holds the answer to anything and everything we may encounter in life. We have been given the keys of authority over ALL the works of the enemy on the earth. But how do we know which keys to use in which set of circumstances? The answer will always be found in the Word of God and the Holy Spirit who lives within us!

Much like a cow that chews its cud for eight hours a day, drawing all the nourishment possible from its substance, so must we “chew” on the Word. Just reading it and memorizing will never be enough. It must be something we ponder, meditate on over and over again until it becomes such a part of who we are that we no longer have to even think about it. When faced with a situation, given the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment, we will just “know” the Word that is the key to the answer needed. And there is such POWER in the Word! Just imagine walking in the fullness of ALL that God has given us through His own breath written in articulated form!

In 2012, I had a concussion that stripped my memory of the Word of God. I was so used to speaking it in my everyday conversation, that following this trauma, I was left almost speechless! (For those of you who know me now, stop laughing!! I’ve been healed!!) It was a most difficult season to walk through, but drawing from my life experiences with the Lord, I “knew that I knew” He would NOT leave me this way! It has taken time, but He is faithfully restoring this precious memory that He created within me.

I share this story with you to help you understand how necessary it is to be a carrier of the Word that has been pondered, meditated upon, chewed and digested within our own heart. We will know that it has become a part of us when our last thought at night and our first thought in the morning is from the Word. That which we spend our time doing will consume us! Why not let it be the most important “thing” possible…the Word of the Living God!

Being transparent, I can say that I certainly have not arrived where I want to be, but after spending these past few days with God’s holy ones, I am once again set on fire with due diligence to “chew” like I have never “chewed” before! I will now “chew” with intentionality, for the sole purpose of drawing all the spiritual nourishment possible from every verse I read until it becomes such a naturally supernatural part of who I am.

We speak so often of the new wine that is coming and that we are to have new wineskins to carry it. Does that mean that it will be our own responsibility to prepare the wineskin? Could be! And there is no better way to do that than being full of the Word of God. If we spend more time intentionally focusing on that, I am convinced that He will do the rest! Oh, to God be the Glory!