Eye healed -

I had an oil “bubble” growing on the inside of my right eye lid. On time when I had this, it grew to marble size. Praise God! I got prayer at the Healing Rooms and the “bubble” shrank over many days until it was gone!

Eric F - September 28, 2019
Spokane Healing Rooms
Spokane, Washington USA

Scoliosis Healed -

At 13 years old, my daughter was diagnosed with Scoliosis.  She had a very severe curvature in her lower spine.  Lumbar one to Lumbar four were extremely curved and we were advised that this may have a huge impact on her later on in life.  If she were to have children, childbirth would be very difficult for her, as would labor.   Her surgeon was very aware of the risk in fusing her spine over this area; however, we were told that she required surgery.  After my daughter had seen her consultant, my wife and I took our daughter for prayer and she was prayed for by the Healing Rooms Team.  My wife stayed with her whilst the team prayed and this is how they described what happened:

My daughter said that as the Healing Rooms Team prayed for her healing, her right leg shot forward into line with her left leg, and saw her mum’s face go white with shock.  My wife said “I saw it and couldn’t believe it!”  On 5th March my daughter went in for surgery.  The surgeon said that he was amazed when the pre-operation X-rays showed that she no longer needed lower spine surgery.  Praise God!”

Anonymous - October, 2019
England Wales Healing Rooms

Spiritual Battle Being Won -

I sensed a real change after coming for prayer. I have been prayed for many times, but the week after meeting with you all, I sensed the battle outside of myself. I literally saw the enemy outside of me rather than on me. It was an encouragement to me! I have continued to stand against infirmity. I would like to begin to add foods back to my meals. I have just been hired for a part time job, so that was a big success as I did not feel physically able to work for the last couple of years. There have still been some days that I have felt symptoms. I pray and continue to stand on and enforce the Word.

Tracy - October, 2019
Healing Rooms of Fire Church
Concord, North Carolina USA

Pain Left -

Thank you. My pain had left when they prayed and my symptoms keep trying to come back. It seems like a fight right now. I know I'm healed and I am definitely feeling better. Praise God!


Jonathan - October, 2019
Healing Rooms of Fire Church
Concord, North Carolina USA

Prayer Cloth Testimony

Allergies Healed –

One of my kids was sick with allergies and other symptoms. The doctor was alarmed and prescribed a few medications. I put a prayer cloth inside her pillowcase and her symptoms gradually disappeared. I did not have to take her back to the doctor for a refill. She is doing great with no allergies. Praise the Lord Jesus!

Elizabeth – October 16, 2019
Davenport, Florida USA

Knee Healed –

My left knee was completely healed. It was catching and snapping for a long time and it was totally healed.

Stephen G – October 3, 2019
Spokane Healing Rooms
Spokane, Washington USA

Hernia Healed -

After a Church Service two members of our team team prayed for Glen who was in pain due to a hernia in his groin and was scheduled to be operated on that week. After receiving prayer, he said the pain was gone. A few days later he was gowned up ready for surgery when the Doctor came out he asked him about the pain level. He said I have had none since Sunday. The Doctor then checked him over and then told him to go home. He was healed!

Glen S - October, 2019
Nanaimo Healing Rooms
Nanaimo, BC Canada