The Pure of Heart See God - Jeanie Wagenman


Jeanie Wagenman

I have been very blessed to be a part of the Healing Rooms Children Ministry since 2012-2013, and even more blessed to have had three grandchildren involved in those early years of ministry. What my grandchildren experienced during that time, they were able to carry with them some 2100 miles, when they moved from Spokane. Knowing Jesus not only as a savior, but also as a friend and Holy Spirit as a helper, sustained them during a difficult and lonely time. As a Grandmother, I was very grateful for what they practiced and learned at the children's ministry.

Olivia, my granddaughter, shared with me that after they settled in their apartment in Houston, she was afraid of all the changes, not to mention the very loud claps of thunder that occurred with every rain storm. But she had learned to talk to Jesus about this and He assured her with a very vivid picture of Himself. She saw Jesus sitting in a rocking chair next to her bed, with her guardian angel behind Him holding a very large flaming sword. She related that every time she aroused from her sleep and opened her eyes, there was Jesus, still rocking in the chair and smiling at her. This somehow began three years of almost daily dialogue with Jesus and Holy Spirit and eventually God the Father, all to be written in her journal. The entries were all personal and often profound, as only God could speak.

I say all of this to make the point. Sunday school classes are very important and needed, but in this time and season much more is needed and will be demanded of this younger generation. They are the modern day “Joshua Generation” that is being called to usher in the revival wave of the Holy Spirit. We know as adults, that without the Holy Spirit, our efforts alone will never be enough. The Holy Spirit does not require “age”; only a heart that is open and willing to step out in faith to share God's love, a love that proves to be healing in body, soul and spirit. Children so easily embody this at the Healing Rooms. “Unless you become like little children, you will not enter the Kingdom of God”. We have witnessed many kinds of healings from the prayers and ministry of these children. They so innocently emulate the love, purity and compassion of God, truly demonstrating His Kingdom on earth.

To place this into a bigger context, when Dutch Sheets visited the Healing Rooms this summer to initiate the revival move of the Holy Spirit, he shared that God has a dream for America - a dream that He is not going to forget or forsake. Dutch shared that with this move of the Holy Spirit, there will be miraculous signs and wonders, so that those who receive these miracles, should they not know God, would then desperately want to meet this God and live their lives serving Him.

We have a call, purpose and destiny as a Nation. Will we continue to be a country that brings not only the Gospel to all Nations, but also the Kingdom as well? This will take some dreaming. That can only happen if we connect intimately with God's heart so that His dream will become our dream as well. Yet more pressing is the question, what of the next generation? Will parents, grandparents, teachers, churches or youth ministers teach this young generation to dream with God? Will they be taught that the Kingdom of God is within them and that it is at hand? If given the opportunity, these very children may be the ones who lead their parents into the Kingdom realm, where they can experience this great Love, too!

Jesus said “Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God”. (Matthew 5:8) It is no wonder that these children can see God and see the dream in His Heart! We just have to create an atmosphere for them to experience it.

Jeanie has been a Partner with the Healing Rooms Ministries for years, serving on the Kids Ministry Team in Spokane from its inception.  She carries the fire of God in her bones and releases His Word everywhere she goes!