Healing Rooms Kids Ministry - Arlette Popiel


Arlette Popiel

“What bliss you experience when your heart is pure. For then your eyes will open to see more and more of God.”  Matthew 5:8   The Passion Translation

The hearts of children are pure.   As a member of the Healing Room Kids team, I find that the children are “seeing” more and more of God.

Permit me to illustrate a typical morning with the children:

We gather and then join the adult Saturday morning teams for worship.  Each child and adult is anointed and prayed over by a member of the adult healing team.  The children then adjourn to have their own teaching time and worship with their adult leaders. Next, they “soak” in the Presence of the Lord in quiet with worship music playing. During the soaking time the kids ask Holy Spirit to show them something on His Heart.  The children draw pictures of what they have been shown. The pictures will be unique to what Holy Spirit has inspired.  One morning the Holy Spirit wanted to talk to them about heaven and several of them drew volcanoes without looking at what the other was drawing.   I had never heard of Volcanoes in Heaven.  So I did a word study on “Volcanoes in the Bible”. I was surprised that among other things I learned in this word study, I had never recognized “mountains melting like wax” as a volcano! The children have often become my teachers.

Several times the older children saw and drew literal words, like Joy, Love, Hope, Peace, etc.  The pictures that are drawn during soaking sometimes are meant for someone that is to be prayed for that morning.  Other times, the children will get a picture for the person while they are praying over the sheet that the people to be prayed for fill out when requesting prayer.  The children prayed for a gentleman that had left the question: “What do you want to be prayed for” blank. The children prayed as usual asking Holy Spirit for a picture.  One youngster drew and illustrated the word JOY.  After praying for the man, he gave him the picture.  The man said, “Young man, you have given me just what I needed.”

Another day, one young girl drew a picture of Jesus with a little dog.  The woman the children were praying for walked in with a dog! (The child whispered to me “I didn’t know that she had a dog!”)  The woman was given the picture.  She asked, “Is this the dog I have now?”  The girl paused for a moment and then responded, “No, this was another dog, one you had before this one”.  At that the woman started to weep, as that dog had recently died and she was still grieving.  How good is our God that He even cares when we grieve over our pets!

A young woman was suffering from a severe ear infection.  She wanted to come in to the Healing Rooms for prayer for healing, but the pain was preventing her from making the trip.  So, her grandmother asked if the children could simply pray over the phone with her for healing.  The children, per usual, asked Holy Spirit for a picture.  Each of them, without consulting one another, drew pictures of fire. They then prayed for her over the phone.  One of the adult team members who knew this young woman personally, took the pictures that the children had drawn and prayed over to her home, telling  her to lay her ear on the pictures.  That would become the point of contact for her healing. Within an hour her ear drained and she no longer had any pain!  The next day she was able to attend her mother’s 40th birthday party!  The children are walking in the purest anointing of God that cannot be denied!

We adults who work with the children also receive the benefit of their prayers.  My right ankle had given me problems for years. I had torn a tendon, not just once, but twice, and had been told by an orthopedist that the only way to relieve the pain would be to have my ankle fused.  I had been in pain every day for at least two years.  One of the children, a five year old little boy, layed his hands on my foot. I don’t even recall him saying any words.  For a second my foot hurt worse and then I felt something in my foot move. Instantly the pain was gone! I mean really GONE! I have never experienced another day of pain in that ankle!  The visible sign of the miracle took time to reveal itself, but was eventually made evident when the scar tissue that made it look like I had a second ankle bone had completely dissolved. It has been over a year since this took place.   Praise God!

Several months back Dutch Sheets told us that we are moving into a time of Healing and Miracles and that it is coming through this generation of children. We are so very blessed to see what God is doing with this current generation, especially in the Healing Rooms Ministries.