A Prophetic Word and Vision for International Healing Rooms Ministries


Maggie Baratto

As I asked the Father what He was doing with the International Healing Rooms Ministries in September 2019 a couple days prior to the September 2019 Summit. I received the following word within a vision.

In the Spirit- I saw the Healing Rooms Ministries (HRM) laid out before me and I knew by revelation that this ministry was 'a foundational work' of the Spirit.

I saw that over the course of many years that it had been built & established through fiery trials, it had been forged through seasons of dryness & drought with alternate seasons of rain.

As I watched, I saw that this 'foundational work' had been tried through the furnace of affliction, tested through adversity and sifted by the Word of God… to render it complete!

And I saw that this ‘foundational work’ has come forth like gold!

I heard the Lord say - "The foundational work of International Healing Rooms Ministries is the beginning of a new work that I am doing in the earth. It is not the new thing—but it is the foundation with which I will anchor and build and hold up the new thing that I am building."

I could see this foundation had stretched far and wide across the earth and that it had ‘prepared the way’ for Apostolic leaders to be raised up. It had ‘prepared the way’ for an apostolic army to be birthed and formed behind the scenes.

I heard a declaration in the Spirit - The foundation is complete! The preparation is complete! Now it’s time to build!

And I heard the Father say - "This foundation has ‘prepared a place’ for My Spirit to dwell - for My Spirit is brooding and is about to overshadow sons and daughters who will birth and launch new plans and purposes of Mine that will be anchored and held up by this foundation!"

Then I was reminded that Spokane Washington (the birth place for the IHRM) was the place for the original ‘Father’s Day’ holiday to be birthed in the natural and the Lord impressed upon me that the Healing Rooms Ministries would be a place for the Father’s Heart to be released.

Today I could see the Father beginning to infuse a greater aspect of His Heart into this foundation - so that everything that would be built upon it, will beat in rhythm with who He is and what He is doing! And the following portion of scripture was impressed upon me - only those who do the will of My Father will enter into the Kingdom.  Matt. 7:21-23

The vision became more clear as I saw the foundation (IHRM) stretched out across the earth. It was gold in color.  And I saw that in this season, it was being infused with the heartbeat of the Father. And I watched and could see that the entire foundation was beginning to pulsate and throb with the heartbeat of the Father. One heartbeat.

Then I saw several large pillars being placed and positioned and established upon this foundation.

I saw that they were load-bearing and made of solid pearl. I immediately understood that these pillars of pearl represent the 5- fold ministry offices. They were being positioned to stand and be anchored in the foundation - to give form and structure to the new thing that was being built.

Then I could see many walls, rooms, floors and ceilings being erected and built up.

This new building was pulsating in unity with the rhythm of the Father’s heartbeat that originated from the foundation.

I knew the walls and rooms and floors represented various ministries, businesses and organizations that were being birthed by the Spirit through the church of Jesus Christ.

I saw that the new ministries, gifts, businesses and outreaches etc. being birthed, would walk like/ talk like /sound like/and look like the Father and operate in a Kingdom culture.

And I could see the body of Jesus Christ was beating in unison with the Father’s heart and working together to reveal, to demonstrate and to release the Father-heart of God.

I believe we are entering into a new era in the International Healing Rooms Ministries, an era of building on the foundation that has been prepared and is complete.

Just like in the natural realm when it’s a new phase of building (you are no longer laying a foundation of cement and rebar), there is a need for the delivery of new materials, new tools and new laborers. There is a need for laborers with different skills and giftings to build upon the foundation that has been made ready.

DECLARATION: It’s time for a movement of the Father!  The heart of the Father is being arrayed and displayed and conveyed through the manifold wisdom and authority of Apostolic mothers and fathers in the earth! Sons and daughters of God will rightly represent the Father-heart of God, being about their Father’s business and setting in place His ways, His order and aligning themselves to His will.

Maggie Baratto is the Healing Rooms National Director of Canada and the founding and managing Director of Father's Heart Healing Ministries in Arthur, Ontario, where she and her husband, Eddie, reside. God has given her a voice that, under His anointing, shakes the very atmosphere into divine alignment.