Bleeding in Eyes Stopped -
We had a woman make two trips and bring nine people by herself to our recent Sunday night Healing Rooms. It was beautiful how the Lord touched lives (lots of addiction/family problems with that group). One woman who came to our recent Tuesday morning HR reported how someone we prayed for, who has been battling diabetes and lost a toe, reported that while we were praying for her, she felt heat flow up her legs to the top of her head--and bleeding that had been happening in her eyes has stopped since then! PTL!

Submitted by David Harder - December 12, 2019
United Healing Rooms of Tulsa
Mesquite, Texas

Diabetic Toe Healed -
My wife and I went to Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas to pray for a man who had type 1 diabetes whose left toe had swollen as large as a man's wrist. The doctors told him they would have to amputate his foot. His job depended upon his standing so this would have affected his ability to do his job. We learned of his plight through a Bible church pastor who we met in OKC near the end of September at "The God Who Heals" conference. He and the church are moving in revival, including healing.

We found out that diabetes was in his family so we broke the generational curse first. Next, we discovered that his father was murdered when he was a teenager. We walked him through forgiving the perpetrator, his father, himself and God. When we prayed for healing, he felt a vapor leave his heart and left toe. The next day his pastor prayed for him and he felt power go into his toe. In a few days he was dismissed because his toe was no longer swollen. This was 5 weeks ago and his toe is still fine.  To God be the glory!

Submitted by Bob Cumberworth, Director - December 12, 2019
Kingdom Culture Healing Rooms
Mesquite, Texas

(These testimoies were submitted by Carol Campbell, the Divisional Director over Africa and the National Director over South Africa. These healings took place during a Healing Rooms Conference facilitated by Carol.  No names or dates were listed.)

Pain in Back Healed -
Over three months I have had back pain in my spine. I have taken medication consecutive times yet nothing changes, but now I have been “looking for it, and I cannot see it!" I have been stretching my back, looking for it, but I cannot find the pain. I believe it’s gone and it’s gone forever!

Back Healed -
I had this back problem. I had a piece of metal that hit me and injured my back. I have been having some back problems since 2015. I even went to the hospital for a check-up and they said there was nothing wrong. I stayed for them to massage my back, but the pain was so deep that it did not help. On Friday you gave a word of knowledge that there was someone with a spinal problem and that is when I got healed. When I bent I used to feel the pain, but now there is no pain!

Back Healed -
Over three months I have had back pain in my spine. I have taken medication consecutive times yet nothing changes, but now I have been “looking for it, and I cannot see it!” I have been stretching my back, looking for it, but I cannot find the pain. I believe it’s gone and it’s gone forever!

Ligament in Leg Healed -
You told us to stand up (to test their bodies at the beginning of the session). Back home in Malawi, I used to play football and the ligaments in my left leg were damaged.  The doctors said I would never play football again. I have had this pain since 2009. After the teaching, you told us to stand and wave if we are healed. I tried to bend my leg and it was ok! I am going to play football again!!! Immediately, you told us to stand up and test our body.  I did not feel any pain!

Bleeding Stopped -
I have been bleeding for years. I have been to many doctors, spent much money and taken many tablets. I used to take many different tablets, but nothing helped.
(A while later she reported.....)
There is a change. I’m feeling good. I feel at peace and everything in my body is feeling well.
It has stopped..........I can’t believe it. Thank You Jesus!

Anxiety Gone -
Woman in her late 70s or 80s
I have always had problems with anxiety and I am during the day mostly okay. I have just had a hard time knowing the reason for it, but that “green slimy big monster” (demon) that you spoke about...well I saw him on the floor and I had a big spear and I killed him! It’s when I came out of the exercise that I realized I have to stand against it, instead of saying, “Jesus help me!” Now I realize that I have to stand against him. I was so happy to spear the demon. He’s dead now!

Muslim Encounters Holy Spirit -
I was born a Muslim, but at a young age I knew it was not the truth and I could not accept it.  I was still at a very young age. So, I looked for the truth and it took me about 10 years, until I was invited to a church and felt the presence of the Holy Spirit for the first time. And only after I discovered the presence of the Holy Spirit for the first time, I realized there is something that is out there, there is something that is the truth. People were saying things to gain something, but I sensed this was different from people just saying things to gain my approval.  This was different, this was something real!  I’ve been quite anxious about my future as I have just passed through a rather hard episode of my life and I take quite a long time during the day worrying about the future, even things that are not entirely in my control anymore. But I realize now that there is a promise moving faith, that as long as I move in faith, God will reward me and I just want to go according to His plan.  I was reminded of that today!  I am at peace.

Woman Stands up From Wheelchair and Walks -
A lady in a wheelchair said, “I can’t walk, my whole body is full of pain. I have back spasms and my whole body is paining. I have a nerve problem under my feet and I cannot walk.” I suggested she test her body by getting out of her wheelchair. She was very reluctant, but conceded, and she slowly placed her feet on the floor. She proclaimed that she did not feel the nerve pain anymore. She ventured out of the wheelchair, holding my hands, and to her surprise realized that she did not have any back pain anymore! I encouraged her to say, “Legs walk!” After repeating this declaration a few times, she walked! Back pain GONE! Sensitive nerves under her feet, GONE! She is planning to travel!