Something is Shifting - Jesse Utz


Jesse Utz

Jesse Utz

On Monday, November 18, 2019, a rare 3.5 magnitude earthquake struck the region near Coulee City and Grand Coulee Dam in our Pacific Northwest part of Washington State, which is where I live.  That is very profound, considering my weekend preceding this event. Though I did not feel the earthquake in the natural sense, I did feel a different kind of shifting happening during the weekend as we traveled around the state.

God is up to something.  Let me explain.  A few weeks ago, I found myself sitting in a little cottage in Vantage, Washington, listening to fellow Christians talk about sensing a move that God is doing in their area; or the lack of it in others.  We talked about something new that we were feeling erupting from within each one of us and we knew that we must unite and agree with this move of God or we would miss it.   A church without walls is coming and the true Acts church is upon us.  This was a gathering of Prophetic and Apostolic ministers being called forth in Washington State.  We spoke about the many prophetic words that have been released over the Northwest of the United States from Bob Jones, Shawn Bolz, Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets and many others.  It is time to rise up and use our voice.  We have heard the voices, but have we embraced the words and tilled the ground to prepare the way?  We cannot just sit back and wait as we have done in the past.  That is how the sleeping church has prepared.  We are in a new season.  This is a time when we are to actively join together with what God is doing and wake up the sleeping church.

On the weekend of November 15th and 16th, I was at the Healing Rooms listening to Angela Greenig share what she has experienced around the world.  She has walked in the darkest places and the Light has been victorious as the atmosphere changes wherever she brings the power of God.  She spoke that it is time for the church to wake up and get out of the pews.  This was the same message that I had heard in Vantage and from numerous trusted ministers of truth across the nation and world.  It is time to act! Reflect on Acts, Church!

The remnant of God’s Church must rise up for such a time as this, clinging to the scriptures and walk in authority.  So much depends on this right now.  The attack of the enemy is in overdrive to try and quench the fire within us all and he is using every trick, trap, deceit and lie necessary to distract our flesh from the truth of what God is doing.

What is God doing?  He is healing, restoring, waking and promoting His called-out ones to come out of hiding, to use their voices and speak up against the atrocities being performed within the walls of a sanctuary and in the halls of government!  The time is now to see Him at work, listen to His words, see His actions and do what He is calling us to do.

On a recent Sunday morning, I was in Connell, Washington, seeing this in action. How I arrived there is prophetic in itself, but not as important as what I saw and heard. The words being spoken were in Spanish, but the translator was speaking the message in my ear in English with passion and emotion, just as the pastor was doing in his home language. But this was not about the words or the understanding. This was about what God was doing.

God was bringing up an unknown group of people to follow exactly what His bible taught them to do. They loved one another, and any visitors were made to feel like family from the moment they saw them. It was conveyed to us as well that this was not just a Sunday morning thing for a few hours. This is a 24/7 movement of God to love on one another the way the Lord intended it, and we were welcomed in with wide opened arms, embraced to be hungry. God is moving dramatically in this place and you did not have to understand the language to feel it.

It was the next day that the earth shook in our area! Oh yes, God is doing something! If you have no idea what I am talking about, then I suggest you go online and do some research. This is not just for me; it is not just for believers. This is meant for every created child of God whom He has known before you were even in your mother’s womb. It’s time to wake up! 2019 was the year of hearing; 2020 is the year of seeing; 2021 will be the year of doing!  The harvest is ripe and the time is now.  Yes, there is an urgency to this move of God.  A clock is ticking, but it’s not a clock as we perceive it.  This clock is God’s timing in action concerning His remnant. Will the called apostles and prophets who have hidden themselves for numerous reasons come forth?  Will they use their voice?  Will they shout God’s Word from the mountain top?  Will they take His power and authority into the business place, into the media outlets, into the education system, into the government and into their finances?  Will they walk daily fully awake and let Jesus’ face be seen in their faces?  Will they be willing to work the fallow ground?

For such a time as this. God is shaking, shifting, and sifting His people.  The time is now to get up, get out and kneel before the Throne.  Hear what God hears, see what God sees, go where God goes, taste what He tastes and say what He says.  This is a continuous next level calling!  Let the Fire of God burn like a wild fire.  Let the lighting of God be released upon the brothers and sisters.  Let the eaglets leave the nest and soar.  It is time to activate the power of God within us.


Jesse Utz, Spokane Healing Rooms Member and Co-Founder of Eagles Nest Apostolic Hub in Grand Coulee wrote this to be published in his weekly column in a local newspaper. The editor refused to print it. This was only the second refusal after 5 years of creative freedom in his column. But the message burned in his stomach and he knew God wanted it released and out there.