Spiritual Hunger Review


Crowd at Spiritual Hunger Conference

The Spiritual Hunger Conference continues to get better every year. Kelanie Gloeckler rocked the house and stirred our spirits to connect to heaven and has agreed to come back for worship again next year! The prophetic art during worship by Crystal McDaniel and Shirley Proctor also added an enriching depth and evoked thought provoking participation.

Healings were abundant during the conference. Many were healed of learning disorders such as dyslexia and bi-polar. Friday night was amazing in that 50-60 people came to the front to testify that God dissolved or somehow got rid of metal in their bodies!

Cal Pierce encouraged and stirred as only the "Dad" of this ministry can. He shared and stirred a passion in us to press into God and His kingdom. Quoting Romans 8:19-22, Cal elaborated on how all of creation is waiting for the revealing of the sons and daughters of God. Referring to the revelation that God gave him on the 5th Great Awakening that we are entering, Cal said we should expect and partner with angelic activity for signs wonders and miracles. The light of God is shining on the end time bride, setting the Kingdom of God into the earth and Healing Rooms has a great part in that! Bill Johnson stirred the imagination with multiple great one-liners and released healing for many through declaration and audience participation. He said there was a spirit of breakthrough for people to ignite nations and that we need to take it seriously that we walk in divine favor and are blessed. God's nature is best reflected through people who are blessed and it will get the attention of nations. Referring to Psalm 67, Bill said that our blessing releases something to the nations as we get released into more blessing.

He also said that the gifts are free but that maturity is expensive, and that there has to be choice so we can be rewarded for making the right choice. The example given was that Jesus put Judas in charge of the money to give him a chance to succeed where he was weak. Bill later said that every person is due honor and that we should celebrate the gifts of God resting on a person and recognize the good and God in people.

Beni Johnson released an encouraging word which she entitled, Position, Position, Position Yourself. She had all women over 50 stand to receive prayer to be free of what the world says they have to go through physically and emotionally as they age. She said that God would give us supernatural wisdom to get healthy and that we could expect supernatural intervention to implement it. She also said that it was important to declare that we are not affected by what people say we have to go through in older age. She said, "If you are only begging God for things you are missing it. You need to start declaring things as well!"

Scott and Shari Norvell gave a great summary of the importance and effectiveness of Terraforming or transformational prayer as we refer to it here in Spokane. Many powerful testimonies were given of flooding being stopped, storms dissipating, and abortion laws being overturned. They have seen the atmosphere change in the land.

We encourage you to get this teaching to learn more about how terraforming prayer could benefit your ministry. Barbie Hunt shared that you are never too young or too old to pray. In their Healing Rooms they made a decision to trust the Holy Spirit in children. Adults, many times, get discouraged if they don't see the healing manifest right away. With children it isn't always about being healed or not. They don't ask why, they just look to see what God is doing. Because of this, she said the most important reason to have a child's team in your Healing Rooms is to help the adults!

People drive for 2-3 hours to have kids lay hands on them and pray for them. The children need the freedom to just swoop in, knock stuff off and out of people, and then swoop out. Getting this CD from our Healing Rooms online bookstore is well worth the investment, even if it is just for the great testimonies Barbie shares about the success and simplicity of the children's faith and prayers. Training manuals are also available at prayer@mainstprayer.org.

Jim White - What can we say about this session? Jim was very transparent about past trials and storms he has faced in his life to bring him to the place he is now. Many of the details he shared will be in his new book, Brought Through, that will be released soon. It would be impossible to relate this story as Jim shared it, so we encourage you to get the CD of the Saturday morning session from the SHC of 2011 off our website, (ICB).

Be ready for a roller coaster ride of emotions that Jim's story will stir, from the heart wrenching details of rejection, pain and false accusation to God's strong hand of deliverance, direction, and tender mercies.

Ending the conference, Cal challenged us to look toward 2012 with expectation. Things are changing. He said, "Spiritual Hunger Conference of 2012 is not going to be the same!"