Optic Nerve Healed -

I have had a damaged optic nerve for the past 18 months due to high pressure in my eye that wasn’t picked up. I had laser treatment that brought the pressure back down, then visited the eye specialist who said that everything was now normal. I asked him if he was sure, as the last scan showed damage to the optic nerve. He looked surprised, so I asked him to check my notes, as I had been asking God to heal my optic nerve and I wanted to be sure of the facts. He checked and showed me both scans; the first one with the damaged optic nerve and the second with the totally normal optic nerve. I asked him, “Could we say that this is a little miracle?” With a slightly stunned tone he said, “Yes”.

The reason that it is a miracle is because the optic nerve cannot heal itself.  Quote from the Glaucoma Research Foundation:
“Damage to the optic nerve is irreversible because the cable of nerve fibers doesn’t have the capacity to regenerate, or heal itself, when damage occurs. This is why glaucoma is an incurable disease at this point.”

Anonymous - February 15, 2020
Brisbane Healing Rooms, Australia
Brisbane, Australia

Anxiety Healed; Noise in Ear Eliminated; Baptism in the Holy Spirit - 

Things have continued strong since we last corresponded... The third Thursday of January we met for the second tome in our new location. Three people were prayed for on a freezing night. The first man was going O.K. until he and one of the prayers received a shock at the time. We knew then his healing from anxiety had happened. We will know more when we see him on the first Thursday in February. We then received a call from our off-site intercessors, that someone was coming in with a noise in the ear. About that same time, my wife and another prayer warrior were praying for a meeting with a lady with a physical problem.  The anointing was so strong on the two ladies as they prayed, they could not move! Then the person with the noise in the ear came in about the same time. When he was prayed for by three men and the noise was eliminated.  The man also received a baptism of the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues!  We believe that this is a solid indication of a strong beginning!

Heaven Rules

Frank and Sharon Clark - January 27, 2020
River Prayer Center Healing Rooms
Clarksville, Tennessee USA

Muscle Pain Healed; Freed from Orphan Spirit -

Today I received a healing from muscle pain, and an orphan spirit. When I first sat down, they anointed me with oil. They prayed in the Spirit over me and gave me a prophetic word. I know that it is God, because as they prayed over me, my muscles began to loosen - it felt like a "spiritual salve" throughout my body, and into my lungs. These people, knowing nothing of me, stated things only the Lord knows. And I felt like a spiritual bucket was being poured over me! I felt like blessings, favor and love were being poured out not only rebuking, but CANCELING any enemy (specifically orphan spirit) over my life and my vessel. Throughout  time, I have had many questions to God-and today, I received answers. Sometimes I have questioned if He really does love me. Today there is simply, and forevermore, no doubts. The Most High God, Alpha, Omega, beginning and end... made room for even me! I recieve these healings in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Courtney – January 11, 2020
Healing Rooms of Fire
Concord, North Carolina, USA

Diabetes and Foggy Vision Healed - 

Joyce came in with stage 5 kidney disease with 11% function, and type 1 diabetes. Here is her testimony:

“I came here because I needed prayer for diabetes and other ailments and I am leaving here with the love and HEALING of JESUS! Thank everybody here for their prayers and uplifting of the Holy Spirit! AMEN.”

She also mentioned that when she came in her eyesight was foggy, but after prayer the room seemed brighter. The next day I received this from her husband:

“I wanted to let you know that my wife's blood sugar was in the 100 range and it hasn't been that way for a long time....”

Joyce – February 8, 2020
Healing Rooms of Fire Church
Concord, North Carolina