This is the Time of the Threshold - Maggie Baratto


Maggie Baratto

As the National Director of Canada, Maggie spent time in prayer over her Nation.  She has shared it with us so that we may all see from a different perspective what the Lord is doing through this COVID 19 pandemic.  With her permission, you are encouraged to read it, adding your own name and your own country in place of Canada.  This is a word for the Bride of Christ in every nation.  Be encouraged!

During prayer this week, while I was reflecting on the global pandemic, I asked the Lord what He was doing. Immediately, in a vision, I saw a cover being pulled back from across the Nations in the earth and it was highlighting the frailty and vulnerability of humanity.  It’s no longer business as usual. Routines and schedules are no longer safety nets to rely on. People’s hearts are being revealed. Foundations are being exposed. It’s as though the earth is experiencing a giant ‘trigger’ and all that is hidden within is beginning to rise to the top. Then I saw a vision of a large sickle coming across the earth. Both the tares and the wheat that had been growing together were being harvested.

I saw that this is the end of an Era and another Era awaits and it is being positioned right in front of us.  Just beyond our feet lies a Threshold. The Threshold is the transitionary space that gaps this spiritual season with the next. And I saw that no flesh could cross over this Threshold. It is a divine work of the Spirit.

Then I heard the Father say, “This is the Time of the Threshold”.

I began to pray for Canada and I asked - “Lord, what are you doing in Canada?”
I saw in the Spirit the cover that was being pulled back - and it resembled the rolling back of a massive wave of water. This wave was receding and gathering itself into a massive heap as though it were standing tall. The rolling back of this wave was actually revealing the transitionary space located at its base where the ‘cross over' of the church would transition into this next spiritual season. This Threshold was like a portal/door that had been hidden.

The rolling back of the water revealed it.  As I looked up into this huge wave of water, I saw that there were many deadly snakes leaping within and upon it. I felt this massive wave with many deadly snakes represented the COVID 19 Pandemic.

I saw many in the church focusing on the wave as they began to rebuke the snakes and they were trying to pull them out and kill them.  At first it appeared to be a wise and discerning thing to do. But I started to realize this wave and these snakes were actually a distraction to what the Lord was really doing.  It reminded me of something the Lord spoke to me several years ago - Don’t take your cues from the enemy; rather, take your cues from the Holy Spirit. In other words - let the Holy Spirit lead you in your responses to what is happening around us.

I saw where the Lord was directing His people to look - it was at the base of the wave.  He said, “Look for the place at the base of the wave”.  For those who had eyes to see, it was in this place that the Threshold was located. This was the secret place/ the transitionary space / the open portal/door where Jesus was calling His remnant in this hour.

*I felt to look up the words ‘the base of the wave’ and found that the base of a wave is actually called a ‘trough’.  The word trough in Hebrew comes from the same origin of the word ‘manger’ and the words trough and manger are synonymous in the scriptures. The manger was the first resting place for the Lord Jesus, as noted in Luke 2:12.  "And this will be a sign for you; you will find a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger."  The other gospels refer to the manger as a trough. The manger reminds us how the glory of God shines the brightest in the most lowly and humblest of places. Through this, I believe the Lord is saying that humility, lowliness and vulnerability is the heart posture required for each one who is to enter this Threshold.

I knew that as soon as the fullness of remnant crossed over this Threshold space, the wave would be released and this Transitionary space, the portal/the door or Threshold would be closed.

This is the Kairos time to cross over! The opportune time!

There is such a need for wisdom and discernment in this hour as I saw that no one could walk over this Threshold in their own ability, it had to be a work of the Spirit. Then I heard the words from Zechariah 4:6- "'not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit',  says the Lord of hosts."

I knew that this crossing over would require total surrender. I was wondering how we would cross over,  but then it was impressed on me that there was only one way to cross over this Threshold and it be carried.

I asked the Lord what being carried across this Threshold would look like.

Immediately, I was reminded of a specific thing that took place on my wedding day. My husband and I had been married earlier that day.  We had just left our wedding reception and we were standing in the hallway of a beautiful hotel and were just about to enter our honeymoon suite. My husband had gone ahead and booked a beautiful suite with a Jacuzzi and prepared it with champagne, fruit and chocolates etc.

As we stood in the hallway dressed in our wedding attire, my husband opened the door with the key and when the door was open, he picked me up and carried me across the Threshold from the hallway into the room. I did not walk into our honeymoon suite, my husband carried me in.  And I felt the Lord say - “Maggie, it’s like that. That’s how I want to carry My bride across the Threshold.”

I sense this image of my husband carrying me across the Threshold is a prophetic visual of what Jesus Christ is wanting to do in this hour in Canada. He wants to carry His bride from the place of vows and covenant of a wedding ceremony into the place of consummation and intimacy of a marriage.  In other words - He wants to take us from the wedding to the marriage.

The wedding ceremony is the preparation or the prelude to the marriage.
The marriage represents living as ONE.

This speaks to the biblical concept of marriage and the ONENESS that we are to walk in with Jesus Christ our Bridegroom. Consummation takes place and it means to bring something to completion or to a finish.

Consummation legitimizes marriage as the 2 become ONE. Similarly, in this new Era, the church is about to enter the fullness of her true identity in Christ and will begin to live out her destiny in Jesus Christ.

“This is the Time of the Threshold!”

This is the Kairos time to press into the heart of our Father.
This is the time to abide in Him so that we can respond from a place of rest and confidence in His perfect plans.

This is the time to trust the Lord Jesus with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding! This is the time to yield to the Spirit of God.  It is a time of divine resting in His promises as He brings to completion all that is in His heart for this season.

I see that the times of testing in the fires of refinement have prepared the remnant for this Kairos time! The Lord is making a way for His remnant bride to cross over into her destiny, into the fullness of her inheritance and into the resurrection life of Jesus Christ.  Her collective crossing over the Threshold will be a work of the Spirit within her and through her!

Canada, I believe we are in a Joshua season where God is leading His people into a new Era much like He led Joshua to lead a generation to cross over the Jordan River into the promised land - into their destiny.

God has made a way where there seemed to be no way! He has prepared the way for His remnant Bride to come into the fullness of identity and destiny in Jesus Christ. Even now He desires to carry you over the THRESHOLD.

So, Canada, are you willing to be carried?
Can you LET Him carry you?
Can you surrender all,  I mean truly surrender every aspect of yourself to Him?
Will you allow Him to carry you across the Threshold and into a whole new Era?
Are you ready to lean on your Beloved as you move from a wedding into a marriage?
It’s time to be all in - it’s all or nothing.  There is no halfway.
It’s a time to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness - everything else is secondary!

Father, I pray for eyes to see and ears to hear for everyone listening whom You have called and chosen to enter into the new thing You have for them in this season!  We choose to surrender everything - we lay it all before You.  And we say, Father, we will no longer try to do something for You;  rather, we will allow You to do something through us!

Lord Jesus, we relinquish all control as we lean into You.
We yield to your Spirit and we say ‘carry us’ over this Threshold and into Your perfect plans and into Your perfect REST! We choose to trust You! We choose to fix our eyes upon You and not to look away.


Maggie Baratto is the Healing Rooms National Director of Canada and the founding and managing Director of Father's Heart Healing Ministries in Arthur, Ontario, where she and her husband, Eddie, reside. God has given her a voice that, under His anointing, shakes the very atmosphere into divine alignment.