What is Your Response? - Lori Frackleton


Lori Frackleton

I am certain many of you have already heard Gov. Inslee has placed a tighter restriction on gatherings beginning March 25, 2020.  In response to such, we will not gather in our Healing Rooms any further until the restrictions have lifted.  I put the question before you, “How do God’s people respond in ministry during a time as this?”

The Word of God tells us we are not a people who fall back or are easily discouraged. Our King is not subject to limitations and therefore, neither are our prayers. We are indeed a peculiar people because we don’t succumb to the world vision, but remain steadfast in the Kingdom vision.   We see through eyes of victory.  We pray TRUTH. We are certain - NO WEAPON prospers against us.  We know that we know God reigns on the just and unjust, and this is a time for hearts to start looking at Creator, Redeemer, King, Healer, Comforter, Guide, ALL SUFFICIENT ONE for wisdom and understanding.

Therefore, let us lift those who are frightened and unaware of the Kingdom perspective into our King’s loving hands and plead the blood of Jesus to soften hearts and bring truth into all concerns. Shine Him well, loved ones.  They will know us by our love.

This is a time of rest and reset. Our feet are shod with the gospel of peace. Meaning, we walk, stand, run, and take giant leaps of faith in perfect peace.  We bring His peace wherever we go. Citizens of Heaven, walk in the Political Immunity of Heaven’s flag over you.  You are ambassadors of the Most High - allow confidence in "Whose" we are to guide you into new territory for your King.

What a gift to have time to tackle those chores we have been putting off. Time to read to our children and grandchildren. Time to pray longer as we don’t have to jump into the car to be somewhere else. Time to sit and listen, asking, “What is on YOUR Heart, King.”  We got a modicum taste of that Thursday and Saturday at the Spokane Healing Rooms, as we worshipped longer, allowing Holy Spirit to place us in groups.  He placed the intercessors together;  the tender-hearted spoke love and encouragement;  the warriors came at the requests with the WORD of God.

May this reset awaken and reestablish your first love and bring forth the memory of the freedom your body, soul and spirit experienced when you first said “YES” to King Jesus and His gift of eternal life.  May you rest in His assurances as you carry hope and release it wherever your feet shall tread.

Lori is the Director of the Spokane Healing Rooms at Headquarters.  Though small in stature and tender in heart, she is a giant in executing Kingdom truth and justice wherever it is needed.