Arise, Let Your Light Shine - Carol Krum


Carol Krum

Carol Krum

While having dinner with my friend the other night, I began to share what the Lord had inspired me to do last December that has already brought forth sweet fruit.

Grandparents hold a storehouse of treasured wisdom acquired though life experiences, yet in our culture of such busy lives, seldom are we able to share these nuggets of truth with our grandchildren due to time and distance constrictions.  There are so many stories I have longed to share with my own 23 year-old grandson, but have been unable to lasso him long enough to listen.  Pondering what I might give him for Christmas last year that would hold substance and meaning, it suddenly struck me; write him letters!  And so it began.

Saving this gift till last, I presented him with a beautiful wooden box, while explaining to him my desire to share some personal stories with him that I believed would be an encouragement for him in his own life.  Inside he would find his first letter to be read when he was alone, and throughout the year he would be receiving more.  I asked that he would intentionally keep them in this box, because some of the messages shared would have more meaning to him in years to come.  His response to this gift was the best gift I could have received!

The Old Testament was written based on stories told from one generation to another throughout history. Psalm 78:1-4 says,
“Give ear, O my people to my law;
Incline your ears to the words of my mouth.
I will open my mouth in a parable;
I will utter dark sayings of old,
Which we have heard and known,
And our fathers have told us.
We will not hide them from their children,
Telling to the generation to come the praises of the Lord,
And His strength and His wonderful works that He has done.”

Psalm 145:4 says,

“One generation shall praise Your works to another,
And shall declare Your mighty acts.”

Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, these stories were told with divine accuracy.  When we tell a story, we often leave out some of the detail or we may even embellish it a bit for flavor, knowing that it will be remembered and retold time and again.  But there is something quite different when holding in your hand a letter written by someone you hold dear, something tangible that can be read and re-read. It is important to remember that there is power in the written word.   Unfortunately, writing letters appears to be a lost art in our culture.  It is for this reason that when one receives a written letter, it becomes such a treasure.  I must insert here that cursive writing was discontinued in the school curriculum, so when this younger generation receives a letter written in cursive, they can’t read it!  Ask me, I know!  Oh my, what has the world come to!!!  Thank God for computers, right?

It has been so easy to affirm God-given qualities that have been developing within my precious grandson over the years while the character of Christ was being formed in him though life’s struggles, disappointments, victories and defeats.  Giving examples from my own stories where I, too, struggled and sharing how God gently taught me that He is faithful and trustworthy, even though I wasn’t, has helped him to turn his own eyes back to the author and finisher of his faith.  He recently sent me a text referring to “re-reading” a previous letter that I had sent to him and how grateful he was for the message it held.  Yes, there is life in the written word, especially when it comes from the heart of God.

These young people are growing up in a culture that is foreign to most of the older generation in our society.  We are horror struck at what we see happening on the streets of our cities, and it causes us to be outraged at the rioting and destruction of property of the innocent.  It is difficult to imagine how our young people are feeling right now between COVID 19, unrelenting fear and violence breaking out throughout our country.  I certainly don’t want to focus on all the evil that is around us, but in Isaiah 60:1-2, it does say,
“Arise, shine;
For your light has come!
And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.
For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth,
And deep darkness the people;
But the Lord will arise over you
And His glory will be seen upon you.

We may at times question what we can do to affect a change in the midst of all the chaos that is occurring in our own country.  Perhaps this is why the Lord brought this subject up at dinner with my friend.  As we spoke, the words of life and love began to pour out as from the Father’s heart upon our younger generation.  By the time we finished dinner, my friend was going to buy 2 journals, one for each grandchild, and begin writing words of truth to them of who they are in God’s eyes.  She already has a story to write to each one of them.

What if this is one component of the “light” that is spoken of in Isaiah?  What if we are being called in this hour to be the “voice” of life, love and affirmation of divine truth that flows like rivers of living water into the souls of a frightened and confused younger generation, forging a path that brings them peace, hope and divine purpose in their life?  What if the Lord is most glorified through the words of truth we are blessed to release into the body, soul and spirit of these precious loved ones in our lives?  What if this is the very hour that we have been called to arise and let our light shine in a way that it has never shone before?  As darkness becomes even darker, how much more will the brilliant light of God’s glory shine forth?  What if you and I are the only “voice” in the life of a child to bring the truth of how God sees them and His loving acceptance of them just as they are?

When our young people make mistakes, even serious ones, it is our responsibility to turn to the Father and ask, “What do You want to say to this young one, Lord? What is on Your heart?”  This is what we do at the Healing Rooms when praying for those who come for prayer.  We seek the Father’s heart first.  The love He pours out on the brokenhearted, the sick, the weary, the frightened, the depressed, the lonely, and the grieving leaves us all in humble awe before Him.  He counters every lie that has been believed with His infinite and pure word of truth. Every negative word expressed on earth has a counter word of truth in heaven.  Our job is to find and release that word in complete agreement with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  And then watch the transformation occur in those lives before us.

May we all find ourselves positioned with our eyes fixed on Jesus as He gazes upon our loved ones with lovingkindness, grace and mercy.  It is from this place that our light will shine as we receive every good word that needs to be written on their hearts at such a time as this.  Release what is heard and seen, let your light of love, life and truth shine.  Then “the Lord will arise over you, and His glory will be seen upon you” and He will be glorified!