Prophecy - Linda Keough


Linda Keough
Linda Keough

Make Way - Make Way for the King Of Glory

For I Am the Light and the Glory
the lifter of your head;  for your shame I shall give you double honor.

The rose shall bloom again
My Darling - My Bride

Rivers shall run in the desert
Bareness shall be broken

I shall arise with Healing in My Wings
I shall bring that Word forth that I have spoken to youYou shall see great Exploits
In My NameYou shall walk in My Power and Authority to destroy the works of the enemy
You shall say
Thus - Says the Lord,
“No more Fear
No more Lack
No more ShameFor I Am,”
Says the Lord
“I Am
More than enough“You shall see the Heavens Open up and My Angels ascending and descending
You shall see My Glory
You shall see My Hand move on your behalf

I Am the ancient of Days
I Am the Same Yesterday - Today and Forever

I Am releasing you to be ALL that I have call you too
I Am uncovering you for all the world to see
My Glory in earthen vessels

Care not what man would say,
only rejoice that your name is written in Heaven.