Head Injury, Heart Palpitations and Arrhythmia Healed -

Thank you so much to the Coatesville Healing Rooms. I was suffering heart palpitations and arrhythmias for years so I scheduled an online appointment. After the team prayed over me, my symptoms were gone and have not returned even a month later. Little did I know, a week after my first session I would fall and hit my head and be back to the healing rooms again. I had severe symptoms, such as tremors and pain in my head. It felt like there was a snake slithering around under my skull. The team worked with me again and by the end of the session there was clear and immediate improvement. The weird 'snake' feeling left, as well as the pain and tremors. I am so thankful for the team and their ministry to me physically and spiritually. Praise Jesus!

Christy R.  April 17, 2020
Coatesville Healing Rooms
Coatesville, Pennsylvania USA

Bone Infection Healed -

Prayer was given regularly for the last 9 months for my husband. He needed to be free from a bone infection. He had fought cancer more than once. NOW the bone infection is GONE! Praise God!

Heather A. – July, 2020
Healing Rooms of the Northern Plains
Bismarck, North Dakota USA