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Cal Pierce Cal Pierce

Carol Krum, who is on our staff, has been working on our 20th Anniversary book called, “The Journey".  This book is made up of stories of how the Healing Rooms Ministries has impacted the lives of directors and their cities.  These stories have impacted Carol so much, that I have asked her to share with you the blessing she is receiving as she assembles “The Journey”.

Be blessed as she shares how ordinary people can have an extraordinary impact on the world.


I have been a Healing Rooms prayer team member, a student of IHRSOT (International Healing Rooms School of Transformation) and presently, I am a staff member as the Partner Coordinator.  This past January, Cal put out a request to some of our long standing Directors asking them to write their testimonies on how God led them to become involved with the Healing Rooms Ministries.

During these years of being a part of this ministry, I never knew the stories behind the call that God had placed on the hearts of ordinary people who caught the vision of the ministry and then forged a path in their own country, city, town or village to bring healing to their own people.  One powerful story after another began to appear on my computer.

As I began the process of editing these marvelous stories, I was overcome by the anointing of the Holy Spirit upon the words I was reading.  One story after another added to the enormity of what has really happened throughout the world through the obedience of one man, Cal Pierce, who said yes to God’s call upon his life to re-dig the John G Lake wells of healing in Spokane. It is one thing to know we have thousands of Healing Rooms that have opened in 74 countries, but it is another to read the individual account of how God moved to make this happen.  He placed the desire in the hearts of so many people to take the training to become Directors in order to open their own Healing Rooms, and then step by step brought people who caught the same vision to stand with them as team members, then provided a place to open their Healing Rooms as well as the provision to sustain it.  Every story is about a genuine and authentic walk of faith. Keep in mind that throughout these 20 years, every person has stepped into their calling on a voluntary basis, never receiving pay for all that they have poured into this ministry, which is the evidence of true servant hearts!
"Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons.  Freely you have received, freely give.” Matthew 10:8
The most powerful testimonies I have ever heard are written by these ordinary people who do extraordinary things through the anointing of God.  Creative miracles are documented and confirmed by doctors.  One touch of God and twisted spines are brought into proper alignment.  Countless testimonies of cancer being healed, Multiple Sclerosis healed, diabetes destroyed, Lyme disease eradicated have been submitted.  And this is just a small sampling of all the lives that have been transformed, healed and restored  This book is full of power-packed testimonies of the miracle working manifestation of God's Holy Spirit in action that will impart faith and hope into the lives of the sick, as well as into the spirits of the ministers of healing.  I dare say, there has never been a book written quite like it!  Few books have had such an impact on me, as I ponder the sustaining faith that has moved so many thousands throughout the world to bring heaven to earth as vessels for the power of the healing love of Jesus to flow through, thereby setting millions free from disease, infirmity, strongholds of unforgiveness, depression, addictions…oh, the list goes on and on, as does His unlimited and endless healing power! In addition to the testimonies given by Directors, we are including in the back of the book submitted testimonies by even more Directors from around the world that testify to the healing love of Jesus Christ.  We are categorizing them according to disease, making it easy to find specific accounts of healing for building faith and hope in the hearts, minds and souls of those needing it most. Our goal is to have it completed, edited and published sometime in October.  We will have a link available in the October issue of the Journal of Healing for you to place your order, so keep your eyes open for the announcement.  This is one book everyone will want to keep in their library to reference in the future. Carol Krum is the Partner Coordinator at the Spokane Headquarters, and the editor of Cal's books and articles for the Journal of Healing.   She is also our resident encourager in joy!