To become affiliated, general association membership requirements are that the work raised up:

1. is Christ Centered
2. is in agreement with the IAHR Statement of Faith
3. is led by those who have a recognized call of God on their life to function in the healing ministry.
4. is evidenced by Godly character and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, as well as by consistent, committed Christian service and continual growth in the Word.
5. will, for accountability, establish an Advisory Board of 3-5 people with at least two of them being pastors.
6. will establish unity and have a vision to work through the whole church to reach the whole city.
7. is faithfully and consistently giving financial support to IAHR through a monthly membership fee.
8. complete the required leadership training at Spokane or with one of our National, Regional or State Directors.
9. complete the Application & Director's Questionnaire with a letter of recommendation, and statement of faith, send it in along with 3 months membership fees. You can choose to have your fee charged to a Credit Card, please see the bottom of the Application.

Provided Through Membership
-Certificate of Membership for IAHR
-Certificate Recognizing Directors

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