Letter of Encouragement - Lori Frackelton


Lori Frackelton

(The following letter was written by the Spokane Healing Rooms Director to the Prayer Team Ministers as an encouragement and it could and should be written to anyone who believes in and prays for healing for others. As you read this, receive the words as from the Lord who is pouring out His heart of love over you in appreciation for all you do in love for His wounded children. Receive His blessing of love!)


I want to commend you for all the growth you have shown during this season. There is such joy and love that stirs when I see you come in: hungry, expectant, and ready to be a vessel of healing to bring wholeness to My Father’s children. I have seen you emerge strong, faithful and a carrier of His Glory. On more than one occasion, without saying a word, those who come near you have been surrounded in love through the overflow that you carry, the evidence of Agreement and Presence that brings wholeness.

Thank you for being about My Father’s business and allowing Holy Spirit to rise up within you, flowing through you to heal hearts, minds and bodies. What a beautiful season of refining it has been.

You are loved…

Lori is the Director of the Spokane Healing Rooms at Headquarters.  Though small in stature and tender in heart, she is a giant in executing Kingdom truth and justice wherever it is needed.