The Truth About Divine Healing - John G. Lake


The following is article 9 taken from a series of 24 written by John G Lake that appeared in the newspaper “Sacramento Union,” Sacramento, California, July and August, 1927. This article is  taken from the book shown above, John G Lake - His Life His Sermons His Boldness of Faith, The Truth About Divine Healing, pages 361-362. (Articles 1,2 and 3 are in the August issue of the Journal of Healing, and 4, 5 and 6 in the September issue, and 7 and 8 in the October issue which you can access by visiting:  Scroll to the bottom of the page and  click on More Articles.
Article 9Jesus Used Science to Heal Afflicted

Mrs. John W. Goudy, of Chico, writes:  “How can you speak of divine healing as scientific if healing is through the atonement of Jess Christ?”  How can the matter of atonement and grace be considered scientific?

Atonement through the grace of God is scientific in its application.  Jesus used many methods of healing the sick.  All were scientific.  Science is the discovery of how God does things.
Jesus laid His hands upon the sick in obedience to the law of contact and transmission.  Contact of His hands with the sick one permitted the Spirit of God in Him to flow into the sick man.

The sick woman who touched the hem of His garment found that the Spirit emanated from His person.  She touched the “hem of His garment” and the Spirit flashed into her.  She was made whole.  This was a scientific process.Paul, knowing this law, laid his hands upon handkerchiefs and aprons.  The Bible says that when they were laid upon the sick they were healed, and the demons went out of those possessed.  Materialists have said this was superstition.  It is entirely scientific.

The Spirit of God emanating from Paul transformed the handkerchiefs into “storage batteries” of Holy Spirit power.  When they were laid upon the sick they surcharged the body, and healing was the result. (Read Acts 19:12.)This demonstrates, firstly:  The Spirit of God is a tangible substance, heavenly materiality.  Secondly: It is capable of being stored in the substance of a handkerchief, as demonstrated in the garments of Jesus, or in the handkerchiefs of Paul.  Thirdly: It will transmit power from handkerchiefs to the sick person.  Fourthly: Its action in the sick man was so powerful the disease departed.  The demonized also were relieved.  Fifthly: Both the sick and insane were healed by this method.

While the scientific mind always asks “How and why?” it is not necessary for the soul desiring Christ’s touch or blessing to have any knowledge of the scientific process by which healing or salvation is accomplished.

Jesus said: “He that receiveth Me.”  Men receive Jesus Christ into the heart, as one receives a lover.  It is an affectionate relationship.  Men obey Him “Because they love Him.”  They obey Him because they have received Him affectionately…He has become their soul’s lover.

His love and power in them redeems them from sin and sickness, and eventually, we are promised in His Word, He will redeem us from death also.  Redemption from sin, sickness and death constitutes man’s deliverance from bondage to Satan and his kingdom, and established the kingdom of heaven.