Our First Ten Years


Cal Pierce

This month will be our 10 year anniversary since we first began Healing Rooms Ministries. There are no shortages of thoughts racing through my mind as I write this article. I think about how far we have come with over 1000 Healing Rooms in 50 nations. That's more than 20,000 people worldwide praying for people. In the natural, that seems like quite an accomplishment.

In the Kingdom of God, we have just scratched the surface. When I look foreword and see the need worldwide, I can't help but believe that we have simply laid a foundation and now we must, thank God and build. The need and work of healing rooms will never run out. I have always said that there are two reasons that would require us to close a healing room: if we get everyone in the city healed or God retires!

If the vision of healing rooms is every nation and every city, then we have a long way to go. There are two good reasons why this work will always be sustaining. First, there will continue to be a need to get the lost saved and the sick healed. Second, there will also be a need to activate the body of Christ into their destiny for the fulfillment of the first reason.

As we look forward toward the next 10 years, I see 10,000 healing rooms. This may sound like a lot, but it really isn't. If we look at nations like India and China with a combined total of over two billion people, we can easily see 10,000 healing rooms in each country alone. (These numbers are expressed by our national directors.)

I recently watched a documentary on how the nation of China was changing. What is exciting, is that capitalism is now beginning to make things possible. As more people are freed up to open their own businesses and make personal choices, this opens the door to new expressions of worship and a whole greater freedom for the pursuit of the Kingdom.

All vision becomes reality as we prepare and act upon it. So, as we are preparing to move into the next 10 years, our focus will be on expanding the areas that God has already called us to. As you know we are developing a media team. This team will increase our capability to utilize the web for things like TV, web streaming, training and product distribution. We are looking at how to improve IAHR and our partner program. We are also focused on how to make ICB a greater benefit to healing rooms and ministries who are linked to it. In addition, we are birthing a Healing Rooms School of Supernatural ministry this year, to train up future leaders. One thing that I have realized is that you cannot grow and fulfill a vision unless you grow your capability for its fulfillment. As the need grows in the world, so should our capacity to meet it.

What a wonderful people you all are! As you have partnered with this work to become part of the vision the vision is continuing to grow toward its fulfillment. God has sent a truly remarkable people to join as a knit together family. Thank you for being part of this team that honors God as our source and seeks His righteousness first. Praise God!