Partnering with God to Establish Your Provision


Pam Walker

It has been on our hearts for some time to encourage you in the area of finances for your Healing Rooms. God wants to grow you in what HE has called you into so be expecting an increase and provision for Kingdom finances to be released. We believe this will be a breakthrough year for God's provision in all Healing Rooms. Deuteronomy 8:18 says..."For it is He who gives you power to get wealth that He may establish His covenant." God wants to establish His covenant of healing. As you pray and believe, God will open up doors for finances to come.

Send Out a Partner Letter

It is very important that you make it easy for people to sow into the work God is doing in your community through your Healing Room. Some people may not know your mailing address and it would help them if self addressed envelopes were available in your waiting room, at your trainings and conferences. Take time to write a partner letter explaining what God is doing. Many in your area will be excited about the testimonies and will want to support what God is doing through you. While compiling your mailing list include those who have already shown an interest by previously giving to your Healing Room.

You may be wondering if the same partner letter should go out to those who have come in for prayer. We recommend a little different letter be sent to them. Send a newsletter with testimonies, growth reports, a reminder of hours of operation, etc. Toward the end you may want to mention that a partner program has been started. If they want to know more ask them to contact you. (We want to be sure we're not taking undo advantage.

In summery, Isaiah 60:11 says, "Therefore thy gates shall be open continually, they shall not be shut day or night that men may bring unto thee the wealth of the Gentiles and their kings in procession. Let's raise our expectation that men WANT to bless what God is doing in the land!

Sow Into Someone Else's Ministry

We all know the account in I Kings 17:10 where Elijah the prophet is sent to the widow woman and her son to be fed during the famine. She was obedient to see first to the needs God set before her and the meal and the oil did not run out! Just as this woman was a blessing, ask God who you can bless. Be willing to sow seeds into someone else's ministry so God's blessing can be loosed from heaven on your behalf.

What is In Your Hands?

An interesting lesson learned from the above story is that the woman used what was in her hands (the meal and the oil) and God blessed it. What do you have in your hands? When the Spokane Healing Rooms opened Cal made a sign, "Healing Rooms Seed" and wrapped it around an oatmeal box. He then placed it on the table in the reception area. What people, talent, or "thing" resources are in your hands? God will use these to bring the increase and provision.

Start a Small Bookstore ...
(See Page 8 For Details) {Editor's note: This refers to the August 2009 printed newsletter, not an online article that we make available to the public.}

Having a few Books or Teaching CDs on healing available for sale really helps build faith for healing for those coming into your Healing Rooms for prayer. Start with just two or three titles. They will not only be an encouragement to your visitors, but these sales will also generate a little extra income. Remember you get great discounts on books and teaching materials when ordering from our IAHR bookstore online.

If You don't want to manage the book sales yourself please read about how easy it is to begin earning commission on sales of books and materials ordered through the website.

Remember that we don't recommend that you sell the anointing oil that we mix and bottle or the prayer clothes we cut, anoint and pray over. We feel it is improper to sell what is symbolic of God's anointing. We place a sign by the oil and clothes indicating we'll accept donations for them.

It's O.K. To Charge for the Training You Are Doing

A talent and gifting God has placed in your hands is the ability to train up others and release them to pray for the sick. Its O.K. to charge a small fee for the materials, time and training you provide. Cal charges for the training he does. You may also want to take an offering to give people the opportunity to sow into the a work that God is truly breathing on and blessing. I Timothy 5:18 states, "Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn, and the laborer is worthy of his reward."


Fundraisers have worked well in Spokane. You could keep it simple and have a dessert with a presentation of all God is doing through your ministry. It is very helpful if you have someone who has been healed give a testimony of their healing. It builds faith in your community and helps stir interest and support for what God is doing through you. Holding a silent auction for items that have been donated brings in extra support and is fun. Examples of item that can be donated range from a day at someone's lake place with a BBQ and a boat ride, a gourmet dinner for 6 hosted at someone's house and served restaurant style, a quilt or sewn items, spa items donated by your local salon, and items from local businesses that want to support your cause. We have found hotels and restaurants will donate a dinner and a one nights stay for a date night package. God will give you ideas that work for you. Be creative.


You may have something else in your hands that is uniquely yours. Ask God for eyes to see it and creativity and wisdom to know what God wants you to do with it. Again I say, ask. James 4"2b says, ..."ye have not because ye ask not." Ask expectantly and with anticipation. Where God gives vision He makes provision. We know that when we pray for the sick it's not about us, but about the very presence of God, and that He has already made the provision for healing. It is the same for finances. Expectantly grab hold of His promises for financial provision as well. You have all seen and become part of the vision to demonstrate and impart the kingdom message for healing that is and will continue to impact the world. If God be for you who can be against you?