Prayer Directives


Stacia Thompson

Greetings from Hawaii!

I am writing this article from beautiful Hawaii. My family and I are here on vacation to celebrate my mother's 90th birthday. She lives here in Hawaii. Last Saturday, she went on a hike with a group of family, to the top of a smaller mountain in our hometown. At the end of the hike she wasn't even winded. Amazing!!! She is truly an example of longevity and health. I am claiming this generational blessing for myself.

Cal has been birthing a message on the Kingdom for awhile now. Of course, whenever he gets new revelation about something it becomes part of the atmosphere around our Healing Rooms. He then releases these things as he travels to the different conferences that he does. Because of this, the Lord has put on my heart to have the prayer directives focused on His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

1) AUTHORITY AND DOMINION...The King is the ultimate authority in the Kingdom and through that authority establishes His Kingdom. The King can delegate authority to others to share in governing His domain.

We declare that we have been given ALL POWER, DOMINION, and AUTHORITY to release the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

2) KEYS OF THE KINGDOM... The keys of the Kingdom are the principles and precepts by which the Kingdom functions. We have been given these keys. Matthew 16:19

We declare that we have been given the keys to the Kingdom to declare and to live the decrees of our King.

3) KINGDOM CITIZENSHIP...Citizens are chosen by the King and are beneficiaries of the King's pleasure and promises. Philippians 3:20-21

We declare the promises of our King over all of His Kingdom here on earth.

4) KINGDOM CULTURE... This is the lifestyle and way of life for the citizens of the Kingdom manifested in all that they say and do. John 17:15-19

We declare that we will represent our King by living in a Kingdom culture and lifestyle. That we would be a people known by our fruitfulness.

5) KINGDOM ECONOMY... This is the economic system that secures and sustains the strength and viability of the Kingdom. Luke 6:38

We declare that we will not become fearful under the economic system of man, but we will trust in the Kingdom economic system for our security.

6) KINGDOM FAVOR... Royal favor is granted by the King to His citizens to receive special privileges that are protected by the King. Exodus 33:19

We declare that we have Kingdom favor given to us to carry out the mandates of the Kingdom on earth.

7) KINGDOM HEIRS... Because we are more than Kingdom citizens, we are children (heirs) of the King. We wear the signet ring of our Father the King. Esther 8:8

We declare that anything we ask, we seal with our signet ring in the name of the King, and it cannot be revoked!!!

Let us always remember who we really are and what OUR mandate is while on this earth. It is truly to declare that the Kingdom of God is at hand. It is here...we carry it...we hold the keys and we have been given everything we need to accomplish this. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU AS YOU INVADE THE WHOLE EARTH WITH HIS GLORY AND HIS KINGDOM!!!