What God has done for one, He will do again for another!

Silverdale Healing Rooms, Silverdale, Washington. Sorry for the error!

Please accept this correction from the April/May newsletter. The published testimonies from Carolyn S. and Richard S, of the Shelton Healing Rooms were really from the Silverdale Healing Rooms.

Healing Rooms of Santa Maria Valley, Santa Maria, California, USA

Elizabeth writes: I came for prayer for stage 3 breast cancer. The doctors were not sure if I would make it because the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes in my arm. I came (to the Healing Rooms) and I stood in faith (with team members, while receiving prayer). I believed when we prayed that the cancer would shrivel up an die. And it did!

Gloria was diagnosed with cancer in November, 2007. She had several test biopsies and a surgery before coming to the Healing Rooms. After receiving prayer at the Healing Rooms, the doctor told her that she is cancer free, and said that he couldn't understand what happened. She writes: I am very healthy thanks to the Lord Jesus and to the people that helped me pray.

Rowan writes: In April ..., I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. My surgery was scheduled for mid May. A friend told me to go to the Healing Rooms for prayer. During the week before the surgery, I attended five sessions, (at the Healing Rooms). I had never experienced anything like the love and prayers that were said over me. After the surgery, the surgeon told my husband that he could find no cancer in the organs!

Healing Rooms of Charlotte, North Carolina

A woman with back problems came into the Healing Rooms and she received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. After that she rejoined a group discussion. One of our volunteers saw an angel standing behind her and said, "I see like blue lightning going back and forth and down your back." The pain in June's back left and returning to the chiropractor, who is a Christian, he asked how her back was and she just said, "Why don't you take a look at it?" When he did, he immediately asked what happened. There was no sign of severe scoliosis and the bulging discs were no more. She had been under his treatment for three years for the pain. Glory to God! She said she had been believing for healing and deliverance from the pain.

Spokane Healing Rooms, Spokane, Washington

I injured my back while at work on 9/26/08. Since then I've been unable to bend, lift, squat, sit for long periods of time, or stand. The physicians...stated I had 2 partially ruptured discs, a broken tail bone, torn ligaments and tendons among other things. I hadn't been able to work or do anything since the accident. The pain had been too intense despite all kinds of medicines. I had received two epidural injections as an attempt to release the constant pain and discomfort. I was unable to help with laundry or carry groceries. After prayer, I am now sitting without pain and am able to move, stretch, and touch my toes without pain! PTL! Michael 3/14/09