I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, placed on the kidney transplant list, told my liver was shutting down and was given 6 months to live. I am only in my early 20's. I was an intervenous drug user. I am currently in the Minnesota Teen Challenge program. I received prayer at the Duluth Area Healing Rooms, several churches and at Teen Challenge. I returned to the doctor to find out there was no trace of Hepatits C, my kidneys were functioning normal, as was my liver. I am completely healed. The Duluth Area Healing Rooms has a copy of my medical records, before and after. PRAISE GOD!

- Travis G.

Duluth Area Healing Rooms

I am 94 years old and very healthy. I had been suffering from severe back pain for some time and it became very difficult to walk without pain. I received prayer on Thanksgiving Day. When I returned home, I realized I was completely healed and I had no pain whatsoever. Praise God.

- Sophie A.

Duluth Area Healing Rooms

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