Our son has struggled with a wheat allergy and GI issues as a result. God spole to us one day and said, 'He will be healed. Take him to the Healing Rooms.' So, we did.

A few months after becoming a part of the Healing Room Kids, he came home and said, 'God healed me today. I can eat wheat.'

He was right! NO problems since. Thank you, Jesus!

- Chris F.

Healing Rooms of the Northern Plains

My wisdom teeth were bothering me. The Healing Rooms Team prayed for me. They prayed that they would come out gently.

One wisdom tooth fell out while I brushed my teeth! I haven't had any pain or swelling! Thank you, Jesus!

- Tess H.

Healing Rooms of the Northern Plains

My friend's daughter was in severe pain. She had two fractures in her lower spine. She lives in a different country & was told it might take up to a year to get in & would be put on an emergency list.

We interceded. She got in within a week! Her surgery was successful, & she is rehabilitating well. Praise the Lord!

- Diane B.

Healing Rooms of the Northern Plains

I called in for a young man who had a serious brain injury.

They weren't sure if he would live.

He fully recovered. The doctors called it a miracle!

- D. L.

Healing Rooms of the Northern Plains

My leg, back & fibromyalgia pain left my body. Shame that I have been holding onto for decades has left. The Lord Jesus' blood--I saw it entering my body and providing protection from the enemy. I saw it healing me. Any connections to the enemy are gone. I felt and received overwhelming forgiveness & peace & joy. I felt several major shifts in energy and parts of my body...darkness released...light flowed in. I saw Jesus laughing and healing me let go of anger, shame and guilt & any feelings of being unlovable. Jesus convinced me that I am lovable. I feel so much more at peace. Forgiveness flowed like a river.

- Kelly F.

Bethlehem PA Healing Rooms

After the team prayed, I felt such a relief. Whatever was tormenting me departed-glory to Jesus!

- Carmen S.

Bethlehem PA Healing Rooms

I felt lighter and a release all over. Back, legs and knees much better. The ladies were loving and I felt their caring for me personally. Thank you and praise God!

- Kelista S.

Bethlehem PA Healing Rooms

Thank you so much for your prayer for generational items which needed to be broken and for praying for symptoms of lyme disease to be broken. We rejoice that has been broken forever! Thanks be to God for this ministry!

- Anita B.

Bethlehem PA Healing Rooms

Let me tell you a story. All last week I was developing a sinus infection. Every day by mid afternoon the pressure was so great that it literally hurt to touch my forehead and face under my right eye. By Saturday evening my wife decided that I needed to go to the Methodist Minor Med after church Sunday. I was sure ready to go Sunday noon too.

My wife told her sister, who is a member of the Mid-South Healing Rooms, what we were going to do. Her sister immediately set me up with a couple there from the church (Directors of the Mid-South Healing Rooms) to pray for me. They laid hands on me and prayed. The man had his thumb directly on top of my forehead pressure point and it was quite painful. In a minute he shouts "out" and the pain diminishes. I came on home without going to the Minor Med. I believed that I'd just been healed; I surely felt it. Over the course of Sunday afternoon "junk" just turned loose and my sinuses got back to normal as they can be in the pollen capital of the world. It's been a great week with no annoying sinus pressure. That's the story of how I got healed on Pentecost Sunday. Wow! What an "I can trust God moment."

- Anonymous

Mid-South Healing Rooms

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