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House of Bethesda
Louisville, KY
0 Miles (0 Km)

River's Edge Healing Rooms and Prayer Center
New Albany, IN
2.6 Miles (4.2 Km)

River`s Edge Healing Rooms and Prayer Center
Clarksville, IN
3.7 Miles (6 Km)

No Limits Healing Rooms
Louisville, KY
4.4 Miles (7 Km)

Gate Way House of Prayer and Healing Rooms
Louisville, KY
15.8 Miles (25.4 Km)

BG Healing Rooms
Bowling Green, KY
82.1 Miles (132 Km)

Wellspring Prayer Center
Lexington, Kentucky
92.1 Miles (148.2 Km)

Healing Rooms of Owensboro
Owensboro, KY
93.7 Miles (150.8 Km)

Life Abundant Healing Rooms
Somerset, KY
104.8 Miles (168.6 Km)

Faith Healing Rooms
New Lebanon, OH
126.4 Miles (203.5 Km)

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