I went to help out a friend with some little ones...I picked up one of the little ones and slipped, trying to avoid falling on her I twisted myself around...I got up fine, no pain. Later that day however I found myself in so much pain I moved around the house on my hands and knees. This is where I remained for the next 3 days. The pain in fact was so severe that I passed out while using the bathroom...I found myself on the floor with Bill calling my name and wiping my face with a cold cloth. The couple of days that followed were both humiliating and humbling!! I was unable to do anything and completely secluded in my bed. This is where good and God began working. As I lay in bed unable to do anything...the Lord began to reveal how proud I am. Not the proud in I'm better than anyone, actually the other end...I'm not important enough or deserving enough of anything...see here I am unable to do anything...but I'm too proud to admit it. I needed medical attention, but I was too proud to seek it...The ER told me I should've called an ambulance to take me in...but I didn't want to...I was too proud to admit it (actually in my mind I felt there may be someone more in need)...ok..so at the hospital they determine that it is a torn muscle and gave me pain meds and muscle relaxers...after 2 days it was slightly better, but not at all where I want it. I have people praying..I'm praying...but nothing was happening..a friend took me to the Healing House on last Wed. I walked in with support, having to hold on to railings and in so much pain! After a few mins the people praying for me asked if I was feeling any better. I said no..with much disappointment...they took the chair and had me stand up. There were 4 people in the room praying over me. They had me walk around the room and making declarations...forgiving people I had not forgiven, asking for forgiveness next thing I know I'm walking around the room alone PAIN FREE!!! I begin to laugh and cry as I continue to declare: I am forgiven, I am worthy, I am healed!!! I have not had to take any meds since! Today, I still stand on all I have declared. I am worthy! I am forgiven! I am healed! Jesus is good!

- Anonymous

Healing Rooms Family Centre

I opened the Branson Healing Rooms just over a year ago. Before I opened them I underwent chemo and radiation because of Uterine Cancer. Since then, 2 years, I have suffered from severe intestinal problems and pain from side effects of the radiation. It started out every few months but through the months it progressively got worse and I was experiencing pain and sickness twice a week which I ended up being in bed a lot, and unable to eat because of the severe attacks on my intestines which came against my immune system. It was very embarrassing being a Director of Healing Rooms and being sick so often. Finally one day, after praying for me many times, some of my anointed prayer teams got righteously angry at me being sick so much and said this is it. This has to stop! They came together and put me in the hot seat. They prayed for me with great anger and authority. I started to be delivered. I was sensing strongly that a young woman, who was a technician, put a curse on me. They prayed to break the curse. Suddenly as they were praying a man saw an angel who was very tall, muscular, and held a burning torch. I could not see the angel but I could see his torch. Suddenly I saw him put the torch on the back of a woman on the team who was on her knees bending down praying. I said I see him touching your back with the torch. Suddenly she got up jumping and yelling, "My back is healed!" We didn't even know her back needed healing. Not only was she healed, I was healed as well! It was a double healing as he touched both of us with his torch! We've had that happen before when we prayed for the back of a client, and a team member was healed as well. God is doing amazing things here and we are so excited about it. We are seeing signs, wonders, miracles, healings, and deliverances consistently! God has been sending hard cases with people who are coming out of drug addiction, sex addiction, and alcohol addiction. They are being saved, delivered, and baptized in the Holy Spirit. Praise God! As far as we can see the end time revival has begun and it is a privilege to be a part of the work God is doing. Working hand in hand with Him. The harvest is ripe and He is bringing the Harvest right to us. God is AWESOME!!!

- Diane

Healing Rooms Family Centre

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