I had five hip surgeries and was walking with constant pain. After receiving ministry, I could walk with no pain and I left my walking cane behind in the healing rooms.

- Kenneth S.

Healing Rooms Of Wilmington

I had degenerative arthritis in both of my knees and I was challenged with pain and discomfort in and out of bed. I considered a cane or a walker to assist me. I tried herbal topical medicines and experienced some temporary relief. Then I came to the Healing Rooms of Wilmington. I received prayer and the laying on of hands. God did not disappoint me. I received a manifested healing in Jesus name. There wss no pain in my knees and I could do whatever I couldn't do before.

- Gwen A.

Healing Rooms Of Wilmington

In the process of praying, a real peace and release from pain began to manifest in my body, a popping in the vertebrae of my neck was happening, yet with no pain. The presence of the Lord shook my head real fast, yet my joy was manifested in laughter. All stiffness and pain left. The Lord spoke a wonderful work concerning the outcome for my son's life to bring Glory to God and deliverance for his personal life with a ministry and testimony that would astound me and others who know him now. I left praising God and confessing my healing.

- Maxine T.

Healing Rooms Of Wilmington

I had a condition known as Mastoiditis. After prayer my hearing is better and I can talk normal, no pain at all.

- Paul S.

Healing Rooms Of Wilmington

Young man healed of ADHD Eric had poor concentration and focus. Couldn't sit still for very long and had poor grades. He visited the Healing Rooms 3 times and stood on God's Word for healing. Eric quoted scripture daily morning & night. Grades are greatly improved. He can sit still longer, his concentration has improved, and he likes school better. Also, he made student council and his memory improved. His Mother wrote: He said he woke up one day and felt like a different guy!

- Eric

Healing Rooms Of Wilmington

I want to give all the praise and glory to the Lord for healing my knees. At the Healing Rooms Seminar held at our church, Marlton Assembly of God, conducted by Rev. Chuck Williams and the Healing Rooms of Wilmington, God gave the complete healing of both knees from the tightness and numbness. I now am able to walk and stand but most of all, I can get on my knees and pray. I love to praise and worship the Lord.

- Robin A.

Healing Rooms Of Wilmington

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