Your prayer journey…

Whatever challenge you may be facing today, Healing Center ministers are here to pray, believe, and stand with you, helping you to come to a place of strength and healing. Take your first step today, together with us, and see what the Lord can do.

All are welcome to come for prayer:

We minister toevery type of need, as nothingis impossible for the Lord. This includesphysical, emotional or spiritual needs, chronic illness or pain, and terminal diseases.

- Come as you are.

- No appointments taken.

- Clients served on first-come, first-served basis.

- Please come at least one half hour before closing time so we have time to pray for you.

- No charge; prayer is our gift to you.

What to Expect When You Come:

Visitors to the Healing Centersign-inupon their arrival and complete a form listing the prayer need.

Several prayer rooms are operating simultaneously andwaits are usually short.

Trained prayer teams will pray over your case before bringing you to the prayer room. In the prayer room,a team of two or three people will pray for you as led by the Spirit. They may share scripture and testimonies with you as well as pray.

You are welcome to return to the Healing Center as often as needed to secure healing.

Just as adoctor gives medicinefor healing,we often give healing Scripturesfor you to take andread on a daily basis.

We will never advise a person to stopping taking medication or not to see a physician.God uses both the natural and supernatural to bring forth healing.

Mondays 6pm-9pm


2425 White Bear Ave, Maplewood MN 55109