In March 2009 I had an injury to my back that left the left side of my body numb and weak along with a tingling sensation. Also, I was unable to open and close my left hand consistently and fully. The doctor said my condition was permanent and I could not change it. I went to the Healing service on Friday May 20th at the Camerillo Healing Rooms. I woke up the next morning on Saturday with no numbness, tinglng, or weakness on the left side of my body and I have had no problem opening and closing my left hand. Today, May 24, I came in for prayer because of pain down the back side of my left leg. Immediately after prayer all the pain went away.

- Maria W.

Camarillo Healing Rooms

I was diagnosed with HPV two years ago and have been going into my doctor's office for regular pap smears. My condition soon turned into pre-cancerous cells which then led to cervical cancer. The only thing to do was trust in God and ask Him to heal me. So I came to the Healing Rooms a week ago and got prayer. Shortly after that, I went to the gynecologist for the scheduled laser treatment for the removal of the cancer. He took samples to see how badly the cancer had progressed before giving me the laser treatment. They could not find a thing! They could not find cancer anywhere! I had been healed!!!

- Christina D.

Camarillo Healing Rooms

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