A man with a long- term heroin addiction came to receive prayer at Healing Hearts Healing Rooms. He desperately wanted to be set free. During prayer by our team, he felt something heavy lifting off his upper back! He had never experienced that before. We all celebrated and gave God the glory with great jubilation.


"On Monday Feb 16th I received ministry at HHHR. I asked for prayer for relief from allergies and to hear a Word from God. I felt his presence very strongly at the opening prayer. The first word I received was "My Beloved I will abundantly bless you (Eph 3:20-21). I was blown away by the strong word and the Love I felt at that time. The second word was, a picture of a white dove sitting in the corner of a room ...A very bright stream of light shining in from the top of the room, it was moving around until it rested on the dove, and in the scripture Zach 4:6 " Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit saith the Lord Almighty". The Spirit will do for you, you don't have to "do"...when the third word was, she saw the color red in the shape of a box, which turned into a flame like you see in the pictures of tongues of fire, except this was a very large flame, the size of a large sword entering into me, the word was "tongues of fire" (Acts 2:3) when she prayed it over me I felt even stronger quaking in my core and throughout my body and was told a fresh anointing has been started...I soaked in His presence for a while and a team member said this is an ongoing thing, embrace it...let it happen. Later when I shared my testimony with some of the other team members, one of them saw a small propeller turning... as she was watching it, it turned into a largeI jet engine :). Also this week the Lord told me as I share this testimony the fresh anointing will grow:) Yeah God!!
DY 2-19-15