10 After praying for my grandson concerning night terrors, my daughter told me he has had no night terrors or even waking up since then. 2) After praying for my son's girlfriend, she had an open wound, the wound healed with no infection. 3) Judy Paughty had prayer for a terminal blood disorder that caused her blood to clot. God healed her, she has no clots in her legs and there is minimal scarring.

- Therese I.

Blair Healing Rooms

Jesus is Awesome! I knew He would show up! The cloud (fog) that was around me lifted. I'm seeing You with new eyes. I never thought I was being choked before but when the team called out self-hatred I felt something like a hand let go of my throat. I never knew I was being choked before, I was just used to the pressure on my throat.

- Angel M.

Blair Healing Rooms

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