Thank you so much for helping me receive the gift of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the healing power of our Lord Jesus Christ. I tried to temper my mind in not allowing expectations or doubts cloud my experience. Seeing Traci glow, knowledge of Carlos' angelic encounter along with my own personal awareness that the receiving of the Spirit and healing is different for everyone. I also never want to fake emotions, and I am not surprised that a person as excitable and enthusiastic as myself would come away from that experience subdued and humbled by his power. I teach in the Childrens Ministry at Calvary Boca, and although I was not scheduled to teach on Sunday the Spirit told me to be prepared to. I did not have the new months material and had to go get it from the church. I did go get it and prepared the lesson anointed for me to do (The Beatitude of Compassion and the Story of Ruth), and of course the person scheduled to teach came to me and said "can you teach today, as I did not have the material and I know that you are prepared". Then, during worship time with the children we where doing a song that we jump up and down and spin around and lift out arms and swing them side to side. I would always have to be careful of not landing on me foot wrong due to the shooting pain that would come. I felt no pain, and although my mind was fearful I kept jumping up and down and spinning around - rejoicing that my foot is healed - hallelujah! I also noticed that I felt none of the twinges that would happen in my shoulders - hallelujah! Afterward, the Spirit led me through the best lesson I've ever taught! I prayed that he would reveal more questions to ask and he did. I prayed that all the children would answer at least one question each and all 23 did! This morning, I revisited the article I told you about and the Lord showed me through the Evidence and the Benefits listed that I have received this wonderful gift. I also renounced all my heavy sins and further commanded any demons away from me. Thank you again for assisting me in receiving these gifts.

- Dana F.

PHD Healing Rooms

I personally had for years looked very skeptically on faith healing. The TV evangelists I had watched seemed to me theatrical, histrionic, staged. Judy and I had attended a very "charismatic" service where faith healing was practiced and I was still unconvinced. But then recently I was offered healing through prayer for pains in my right elbow that had become almost unbearable. Shortly into the prayer Brother Paul, who led the group prayer, stopped praying and asked me the most important question. He said, "Michael, do you believe this prayer'" I am surprised at how many Christian believers are unaware of the fact that they miss out on some of God's blessings because they do not know that His blessings, or promises have to be claimed.

- Michael W.

PHD Healing Rooms

Our marriage has been restored. We were ready to call it quits in July. Praise God, we have seen the power and presence of God alive in our family and home! We came to Paul & Gwen for help and prayer. God has moved in our lives. And He has honored his Word and saved our family through practical and biblical steps. We have been realigned to love for each other. Also our finances were miraculously blessed. We believed for our needs, and God brought in more than enough for that month. Within 3 DAYS of meeting Paul & Gwen at the PHD Healing Rooms, various people gave us more than a thousand dollars to meet our needs.

- Mike & Angela M.

PHD Healing Rooms

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