I want to confess my complete healing from melanoma cancer that I have battled for over seven years. My final surgery was in May, 2011 when I had several lymph nodes removed from my jaw. It has been over many months now and I have been healed from cancer. There were many prayers for me from my family and church and I also give credit to the Healing Rooms in our church. I owe a lot to all of them and to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for my healing.

- Peg M.

Oneonta Area Healing Rooms

In June, 2008 I was rear-ended by a tractor trailer and received injuries to my neck and cervical spine. Because of my injuries I couldn't work. I'm a single mom of two children and when the bills kept piling up I became depressed and scared because I had no one to help me. I went to see a good Christian woman who told me about the Healing Rooms. When I went there for prayer I knew God was there waiting for me to arrive. While they were praying for me I felt an explosion go through my heart and into my body and I found out that God loved me even before that day and was with me even in my accident. I accepted Jesus in my heart and He became my Lord and Savior that day! He has been faithful and I thank Him everyday.

- Cecile W.

Oneonta Area Healing Rooms

This is a story of God's love for me and all of you. It is a story of how God is moving in our healing rooms. On the last Friday in June 2008, I received a call from my surgeon telling me that a lump inmy breast was cancer. That evening I went to our church healing room. While in the healing room, I felt a sensation of warmth and smoothing in the tumor area, which was about the size of an egg. I did not know the significance of this until later. I went into the room with heaviness and came out with a smile onmy face. The following Tuesday, I had surgery to remove the tumor. After the surgery, in the recovery room, my surgeon told me she had removed tissue the size of an egg and the whole tumor was now gone. God had brought all the cells into that egg for my surgeon to remove! After the surgery, I had more tests. Based on my history and my family history, it was likely that my genetics were positive for increased risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. My genetics were negative, Praise God! I believe the Lord healed those, too. The company who did the testing even did a thrid test for free because it was likely the results should have been positive. If you have anything troubling you, go to the healing rooms. I have been back a few more times. The staff there, which are your brothers and sisters in Christ, usher in God's Spirit into that rooom for you. I thank God for each and every one of them!

- Wendy F.

Oneonta Area Healing Rooms

I hurt my shoulder playing raquetball. The next day I went to the doctor for a yearly physical. I told him that I injured my shoulder and could not lift my arm. I was in extreme pain. He told my he could not help me that day, but would have to get an x-ray. If my shoulder was still hurting after 5 days he would schedule an MRI. Instead of waiting 5 days I decided to go to the healing rooms and receive prayer. It was a wonderful time in the Lord, although my shoulder felt the same. Hours later, while sitting at home, I realized there was no more pain and I could freely move my arm and shoulder. I was back playing raquetball the very next day PAIN FREE! Ten days later I received a letter from my doctor stating that I needed to see him as soon as possible. The x-ray taken before the day I received prayer showed chronic tendonitis and a tear in the rotator cuff. He was totally amazed when I told him the testimony of my healing. He said, 'Maybe I should send more of my patients to the healing rooms.'

- John W.

Oneonta Area Healing Rooms

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