What is a Healing Room?

The success of Healing Rooms (about 3,000 Healing Rooms, 40,000 volunteers, in 68 countries since 1999) is based on our Pray Teams being able to listen to the Holy Spirit and using that guidance, direct our clients to what God would like to heal in them that day.  Healing Rooms do not do counselling or give advice.  We help people find the source of their pain and guild them in how to be healed of that pain, not merely manage it.

Healing Rooms primarily deal with emotional/spiritual pain, caused by all manner of rejection, abuse, molestation, control and general lack of love in life.  We show people how to give that pain to Jesus, be healed of the hurt and be able to truly forgive others; as He forgives us.  We guild folks to accept God’s overwhelming love by seeing themselves as He sees them; eventually experiencing an intimate relationship with Him.

We also help clients get free of generational sins.  The scriptures talk about the "sins of the parents being passed on to the third and fourth generations”.  Yes, your grandparents could have passed on sins to you like: rage, shame, guilt, cult and occult practices, etc.

In medical terms, stress causes inflammation and inflammation results in disease.  Shame, guilt, unforgiveness, etc. results in stress. So before we pray for a physical problem, we ask God to show us and the client, what is the spiritual cause. Once that is gone, praying for the physical problem will be much more effective.  We have seen many spiritual and physical miracles.

Working to get free of all these personal issues helps us to begin to obtain the righteousness that Christ directs us to; that results in a happy, victorious life, experiencing God’s love.


The Procedure:

·         We are open 11 to 1 almost every Saturday, there are no appointments, it is first-come, first-serve; so please be patient

·         Come into the main doors of the Church and fill out our registration form

·     Put the form, upside down in the "In Basket”

·         Enjoy the music and atmosphere, connect to God while you wait

·         The intercessor/receptionist will take your sheet to one of the smaller, private prayer rooms

·         A Prayer Team of 2 or 3 will pray over your paper to get direction from the Lord as how to start

·         A Prayer Team member will come get you and take you to the appropriate room

·         There is a team leader who will interview you, and as the Lord directs you and us to hurts, we pray; talk some more, pray more, etc.  Probably working on more issues than you wrote down on your intake form

·         A session usually lasts 30 minutes

·         The Lord will probably reveal more to you during the week, so we encourage people to come back. You will know when to come back.